Is Rob successful in convincing Sophie that the creepy outdoor toilet is not a big deal on 90 Day Fiance?

Rob and Sophie are bringing the drama this season on 90 Day Fiance, and it’s not just because of Rob’s cringe dance moves. In the upcoming episode, Sophie begins to experience the reality of Rob’s living situation. Although she has seen it before, this time she is actually moving in with him on a K-1 visa. But there’s one major issue that Sophie needs to address before committing to this relationship – the creepy outdoor toilet.

In a sneak peek provided by TLC, we catch up with Rob and Sophie in the morning as Sophie prepares for the day ahead. Sporting cute little pajamas (apparently, she sleeps in them just like a cartoon character), she begins doing her makeup. However, to access the bathroom, she must venture outside of Rob’s apartment and into a dimly lit courtyard. The absurdity of this situation becomes evident as we witness Sophie’s morning routine unfold.

As previously agreed upon by the couple, the bathroom is located outside and appears to be a shared space. Sophie is not thrilled about this arrangement, and she has every right to be concerned. While camping or temporary plumbing issues can be seen as short-term inconveniences, having to constantly go outdoors just to use the bathroom is no way to live. Sophie explains in a confessional that she hopes this is only a temporary setup until they can find a more suitable and normal living space.

Rob, on the other hand, seems to dismiss Sophie’s concerns as a mere “princess tendency.” But in reality, she is being completely reasonable. Going outside to use the bathroom, regardless of the weather or time of day, is unusual and unreasonable for a permanent living arrangement. Rob’s argument that it never rains in Los Angeles is beside the point. The fact remains that their home does not have a bathroom, which is a basic necessity.

Despite the challenging living situation, Sophie maintains a gracious attitude. She understands that this is only a temporary inconvenience and is willing to overlook it for the time being in order to be with Rob. However, it’s hard to ignore the less-than-ideal aspects of their living situation. The shared courtyard, which Sophie refers to as a patio, offers a less-than-stellar view of other people’s storage.

As someone who lives in a building with a courtyard, it’s hard to imagine having to constantly cross it just to use the bathroom. Even if we disregard the weather, as Rob insists, what about nighttime trips to the bathroom? What happens when someone is sick and needs immediate access to a toilet? And what about the competition for the bathroom among other residents? These details remain unknown, but they are definitely factors to consider.

Rob seems oblivious to the reality of their living situation and is in denial about the challenges they face. While many people have made do with worse conditions, it becomes a shared responsibility when you bring someone else into that environment. Sophie’s desire for a bathroom inside their home is not a princess-like demand; it’s a normal and reasonable expectation.

In the end, Rob needs to understand that their home should provide basic amenities, including a bathroom. Sophie’s willingness to overlook the current situation should not be mistaken for acceptance. It’s clear that she views it as a short-term inconvenience, and it’s up to Rob to provide a better living environment for both of them.

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