Does Missy Elliott donate $50K to cover past due rent payments in her hometown?

Missy Elliott is showing her love for her hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia by making a generous donation. The rapper, who was visiting Portsmouth for the first annual “Missy Elliott Day,” visited the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority to present a $50,000 check to cover past due rents for 26 families.

According to reports, Elliott wanted her visit to be a celebration of giving back rather than just a celebration of herself. She expressed her love for her city and state, stating that no matter where she goes, Portsmouth will always be with her. Elliott’s mother, Patricia, also spoke about the importance of giving back, saying that when you are blessed, it’s important to bless others.

After the ceremony, Missy Elliott took to social media to share photos and reflect on the event. She thanked Virginia for teaching her important values such as drive, faith, and humility. She also expressed her love for her hometown, using the hashtag #757 and #MissyElliottDay.

On Instagram, Elliott shared a similar post and expressed her gratitude to Portsmouth Development Executive Director Alisa Winston.

This isn’t the first time Missy Elliott has been honored in her hometown. Last year, she had a boulevard named after her in Portsmouth. The rapper was deeply moved by this recognition, saying that it touched her heart in a special way. She expressed her gratitude for being from Portsmouth and for the support of her fans and the entire state of Virginia.

In addition to having a boulevard named after her, Missy Elliott was also honored with a day in her honor by the state of Virginia. Fans, as well as state and local politicians, attended a celebration at her alma mater, Manor High School. Governor Glenn Youngkin proclaimed the date “Missy Elliott Day” in the commonwealth of Virginia.

Missy Elliott’s generosity and love for her hometown are truly inspiring. Her donation to cover past due rents for families in need shows her dedication to giving back and making a positive impact. She continues to be a role model and source of pride for the people of Portsmouth and the state of Virginia.

Missy Elliott’s generous donation and commitment to her hometown demonstrate the impact individuals can make in their communities. It serves as a reminder to us all about the importance of giving back and supporting those in need.