Why was ‘Elvis’ terrifying to Austin Butler, and how did Tom Hardy surprise him?

In a recent interview with Josh Brolin for Interview magazine, 32-year-old actor Austin Butler discussed his experiences working on two of his most recent projects – ‘Elvis’ and ‘The Bikeriders’.

‘Elvis’: A Terrifying but Rewarding Experience

Butler revealed that filming ‘Elvis’ was a “terrifying” experience for him. However, he quickly clarified that it was a good kind of terrifying, one that pushed him out of his comfort zone and helped him grow as an actor. This challenging role even earned him a Best Actor nomination at the 2023 Oscars.

The actor didn’t shy away from discussing the difficulties he faced while portraying such an iconic figure. He explained that embodying the legendary Elvis Presley was no easy feat and required extensive preparation and research.

Butler shared how he dove deep into studying Presley’s life, watching his performances, interviews, and even visiting Graceland to immerse himself in the late singer’s world. This dedication paid off, as he successfully captured the essence of Presley’s personality and mannerisms on screen.

Reflecting on the experience, Butler expressed gratitude for the opportunity to play such an iconic role and acknowledged the impact it had on his growth as an actor.

‘The Bikeriders’: Working with Tom Hardy

Austin Butler also discussed his upcoming project ‘The Bikeriders,’ in which he shares the screen with the talented Tom Hardy. He described working with Hardy as a surprising experience.

Butler praised Hardy’s dedication and work ethic, highlighting how the actor’s commitment to his craft elevated the entire production. He shared that Hardy’s focus and attention to detail inspired him and pushed him to give his best performance.

Though Butler didn’t delve into specific details about the film or his character, his admiration for Hardy’s professionalism and talent was evident throughout the conversation.

Connecting with Others and Coping with Loss

Austin Butler’s interview also touched upon his personal life and relationships. When asked if he connects better with men or women, the actor responded with openness, saying that he connects with people on an individual level rather than focusing on gender distinctions.

He also discussed the profound impact that the tragic loss of his mother in 2014 has had on his life. Butler admitted that the loss still affects him to this day, affecting his relationships and his approach to emotional connections.

This candid conversation offered a glimpse into the actor’s personal journey and how he embraces vulnerability and growth in both his professional and personal life.

Austin Butler’s interview with Josh Brolin shed light on the challenges and triumphs he experienced while working on ‘Elvis’ and ‘The Bikeriders’. His dedication to his craft and willingness to explore complex emotions have undoubtedly contributed to his success as an actor. As audiences eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects, it’s clear that Butler’s talent and versatility continue to shine through.

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