Coronation Street Spoilers: Police arrest Stephen, revealing all-new images, amidst an investigation.

Get ready for another week of drama on Coronation Street! Spoilers for next week reveal some interesting developments for our favorite characters. Let’s dive in and see what’s in store.

1. Daisy confronts Lauren: In a tense showdown, Lauren is confronted by Daisy over her blackmailing ways. Lauren promises the caller that she has the money, but Daisy steps in to put an end to her scheming. Daisy refuses to let Lauren get away with it and calls her a worthless brat. Will Lauren back down or continue her deceitful ways?

2. Daisy and Ryan grow closer: Ryan opens up to Daisy about his past, revealing that he was the victim of an acid attack. Daisy is proud of him for how far he’s come and it’s clear that their feelings for each other are growing stronger.

3. Daisy disappoints Daniel: Daniel shares his plans to sell his mom’s house and buy a new flat with Daisy. However, Daisy feels uncomfortable and suggests they hold off on moving until she has a stable job. This leaves Daniel disappointed and raises questions about their future together.

4. Asha and Aadi make up: Aadi apologizes to Asha for their fight and she can see that he’s unhappy. Aadi believes that Courtney deserves better and asks for Asha’s help in redecorating the precinct flat. Can Asha and Aadi mend their relationship and create a better life for themselves?

5. Courtney lets Aadi down: Aadi convinces Courtney to join him at a recruitment day, but it becomes clear that she doesn’t want to go. Aadi explains that they need two incomes to have a better life, but Courtney insists that she feels sick and asks Aadi to go alone. Will Courtney be able to live like this?

6. Michael arrested! Ed hides his gambling winnings in Michael’s bag to cover up his addiction. When Michael discovers the money and goes to Underworld to beg for his job back, he is arrested for allegedly working with Stephen to defraud the company. A shocking turn of events that leaves Michael stunned and baffled.

7. Hope and Sam try again: Sam convinces Nick to throw a Halloween party in the bistro, wanting to honor his mom’s memory. He also extends an olive branch to Hope, suggesting that they start afresh. Will Hope be open to giving their relationship another try?

8. Ronnie confronts Ed: Ronnie can sense that Ed is hiding something and demands the truth. Ed confesses that he won big on the horses but promises to never gamble again. Can Ed keep his promise or will his addiction resurface?


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