Is Bruce Weber’s Oscar-nominated doc ‘Let’s Get Lost’ debuting at Lumiere Film Festival with a 4K restoration?

Bruce Weber’s Oscar-nominated documentary, “Let’s Get Lost,” is set to make a dazzling comeback with a 4K restoration, which will debut at the prestigious Lumiere Film Festival. The restoration aims to bring back this iconic film in all its glory, breathing new life into its visually stunning footage and captivating storytelling.

“Let’s Get Lost” is a mesmerizing portrait of jazz trumpet legend, Chet Baker. Directed by renowned photographer Bruce Weber, the film delves deep into Baker’s tumultuous life, showcasing not only his musical genius but also his personal struggles and the fragile beauty that made him an enigmatic figure in the world of jazz. Originally released in 1988, the documentary garnered critical acclaim and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature.

The 4K restoration of “Let’s Get Lost” promises to be a treat for both long-time fans and newcomers to Chet Baker’s work. With the latest technology used in the restoration process, the film’s visuals will be enhanced, showcasing the subtleties and nuances of Weber’s cinematography. The restoration team has meticulously worked to ensure that every frame captures the essence and ethereal quality that is quintessentially Bruce Weber.

The Lumiere Film Festival, established by iconic filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier, serves as the perfect platform for the film’s grand comeback. Known for its celebration of classic and contemporary cinema, the festival will provide an ideal setting for cinephiles to experience the restored “Let’s Get Lost” and witness the magic of Chet Baker’s music through Weber’s lens.

In addition to the 4K restoration, the news also brings another exciting development as HanWay has acquired the entire artist’s catalog from Bruce Weber. This acquisition includes Weber’s extensive body of work, which spans across photography, documentaries, and feature films. HanWay, a prominent international sales and distribution company, now holds the rights to distribute Weber’s catalog worldwide, allowing a new generation of viewers to explore the artist’s unique and captivating vision.

The restoration and the acquisition of Bruce Weber’s catalog are a testament to the lasting impact and importance of “Let’s Get Lost” and Weber’s contribution to the world of art and cinema. This documentary not only captures the essence of Chet Baker’s music but also showcases Weber’s talent for capturing the essence of his subjects and presenting them in an equally captivating and honest manner.

With the upcoming 4K restoration and the wide availability of Weber’s catalog, audiences will have the opportunity to rediscover his visionary work and experience the magic of “Let’s Get Lost” once again. Whether you are a fan of Chet Baker’s music, a follower of Weber’s remarkable career, or simply a lover of art and cinema, this monumental event at the Lumiere Film Festival is not to be missed. It’s time to get lost in the enchanting world of “Let’s Get Lost” all over again.