In what way does ‘Elite’ star Miguel Bernardeau relate to the new ‘Zorro’ series?

Miguel Bernardeau, known for his role in the hit series Elite, recently shared exciting details about his upcoming role as the iconic character Zorro. In this modern take on the legendary character, Bernardeau will portray a new version of Diego de la Vega.

In a recent interview with Variety, Miguel Bernardeau discussed the filming experience, his personal connection to the character, and much more.

When asked about the character of Zorro, Bernardeau explained, “He has to grow up really fast. He has to decide who he wants to be, and he has to do it when still very young. Which also happened to me.”

Interestingly, Miguel Bernardeau revealed that his first audition for the role took place when his grandfather was ill. Despite the challenging circumstances, he persevered and auditioned for the role a total of seven times. “Before the first one, I found out my grandfather was sick and then it went really badly. But I had this fire in me already, so I kept coming back,” he shared.

After finally securing the role, Bernardeau faced a difficult decision. He initially felt the weight of portraying such an iconic character but ultimately decided to approach the role with a fresh perspective. “It was a difficult decision and a long shoot. At first, I was thinking about Zorro being this iconic character, but I decided to leave it behind. If I was going to do this, I wanted to have fun. And you can’t have fun if you are constantly wondering if you are copying someone else,” he explained. Miguel Bernardeau instead focused on interpreting Zorro as a character he wanted to play and someone his younger self would admire.

When discussing the filming of action scenes, Bernardeau admitted that it was a challenging experience. “It was hard. I actually discovered that action sequences are not that playful. It stopped being fun somewhere around the fifth month,” he humorously remarked.

As for his favorite episodes of the upcoming series, Miguel Bernardeau expressed his appreciation for the early episodes. He particularly enjoyed how they showcased the character’s journey of self-discovery and the exploration of his past. “I like these first episodes. They show how he is becoming a man, discovering all these secrets from the past. He is thinking about where he came from, but also about who he can become, which is something I understand,” he said.

The new Zorro series, starring Miguel Bernardeau, promises to breathe fresh life into the iconic character. Fans can expect a modern and exciting portrayal of Diego de la Vega’s legendary alter ego.


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