Did the Olympus Has Fallen lawsuit settle after Gerard Butler’s profit claim?

In a recent turn of events, Hollywood actor and producer Gerard Butler has settled his lawsuit against the producers of the 2013 blockbuster film, “Olympus Has Fallen.” The settlement comes after Butler claimed that he was owed at least $10 million in profits from the movie.

The defendants, Nu Image and Millennium Media, informed the court that a deal has been reached, subject to fulfilling certain terms within the next 45 days. The legal battle began in 2021 when Butler and his production company, G-Base Entertainment, filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court, accusing the film’s producers of withholding their rightful share of the film’s earnings.

In his lawsuit, Butler alleged that a “comprehensive, premeditated scheme” had been orchestrated to purposefully misrepresent the financial success of “Olympus Has Fallen.” The actor claimed that he was entitled to various monetary portions including box office bonuses, 6% of domestic earnings, 2% of foreign revenue, and 10% of the project’s net profits.

An audit conducted as part of the legal proceedings revealed discrepancies in the reported earnings of Nu Image and Millennium Media. The audit found that the producers had misrepresented the film’s earnings by $11 million and failed to disclose nearly $8 million in payments to senior executives. Furthermore, it was discovered that the producers had not reported $17.5 million in domestic revenue and had deducted unpaid residuals from the cast and crew, potentially affecting their healthcare eligibility.

The lawsuit also mentioned fraudulent distribution agreements, suggesting that distributors had the ability to manipulate the reported gross receipts. The complaint alleged that the producers instructed the distributors to deduct certain amounts from the grosses they reported, which the producers did not disclose to Butler in the financial information provided to him.

The settlement details have not been publicly disclosed, and representatives from Millennium Media have declined to comment on the case. It remains to be seen whether Butler and other individuals involved in the film will receive the compensation they believe they are owed.

This lawsuit raises questions about the treatment of workers in the entertainment industry and whether higher-ups sometimes take advantage of their talent. It remains crucial to hold accountable those who engage in deceptive financial practices and ensure that all parties involved in a project are fairly compensated for their contributions.