Are the test screening scores for Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom a disaster?

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is set to be the final DC Universe film before Warner Bros. Pictures reboots the franchise. It seems as though the old guard will go with a whimper, not a bang, as the film continues to disappoint at test screenings.

News about Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom hasn’t inspired confidence in the upcoming live-action DC project, with many considering it the next in a long line of flops. A new report by Variety doesn’t do much to dispute this, as the upcoming DCU film reportedly scored in the 60s during its latest test screening.

While there have been no screenings for the latest cut of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, it seems as though DC Studios has lost confidence in the film, with insiders calling it an “echo of regimes” that “no one really wants to take ownership of.” It’s unclear if reshoots will be able to save the last remnants of the DC Universe, or if the movie will bomb like prior projects from the studio.

The Future of the DC Universe

James Gunn and Peter Safran told journalists that their vision for the DC Universe includes locked scripts, wiggle room, and a unified storyline across film, television, animation, and video game projects. The two explained that the DC Universe could bring back elements from previous DC regimes, meaning that their eight-to-year plan is not a full reboot.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, and Blue Beetle have all been released following the announcement of the new DC Universe, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom still slated to hit theaters in 2023. Will the characters from those movies make appearances in the new DCU? Only Gunn and Safran know.

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