What does Hilarie Burton reveal about her marriage to Jeffrey Dean Morgan and their bickering tricks?

In a rare and candid glimpse into her personal life, Hilarie Burton shares details about her marriage with husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The couple, who tied the knot in 2019 after more than a decade of dating, have two children together and have even worked together onscreen. In her recently published memoir, Grimoire Girl, Burton reveals how her husband inspires her, how they handle distance, and an interesting trick she uses to resolve arguments.

Describing Morgan as her “muse,” Burton explains how he inspires her professionally. She appreciates the effort he puts into his work, his commitment to breaking stereotypes, and his willingness to show vulnerability by shedding tears even when playing tough characters. She also admires how Morgan came to acting later in life, contrasting her own career that began in childhood. For Burton, her husband’s appreciation for his profession serves as a beautiful reminder of the true essence of their work.

Being a couple of actors often leads to physical distance as they work on different sets for extended periods of time. However, Burton stresses that they always find a way to make their relationship work. In fact, she believes that the time apart adds passion to their reunions. She writes, “Jeff has been on the road for work since we met, and it just makes the hellos and goodbyes more passionate. I liked that this marriage was a marriage of two independent, strong personalities.”

When it comes to arguments, Burton shares a unique technique that she uses to help the couple work things out. She takes her husband into the kitchen and they make a pot of tomato sauce together. While cooking with her son, they each crush a tomato in their hands, attaching an intention to it. This simple act of crushing tomatoes symbolizes their desire to let go of their argument and move forward. Burton humorously admits that her husband doesn’t know that she sometimes uses this cooking ritual as a form of love magic to calm him down. Whatever the reason, she attests that it works wonders in diffusing tension and bringing them closer together.

The article also mentions a recent anniversary celebration that Burton enjoyed with some friends, highlighting the happiness and love that is present in her life with Morgan.

Overall, Hilarie Burton’s candid insights into her marriage with Jeffrey Dean Morgan offer fans a refreshing and intimate look at their relationship. It is clear that despite the challenges of distance and occasional disagreements, their love and commitment to each other remain strong.

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