Has Pete Davidson purchased countless VHS tapes, anticipating tremendous profits?

Remember the days of VHS tapes? Well, Pete Davidson certainly does, and he’s banking on them making a comeback in a big way. In fact, he’s invested a substantial amount of money in thousands of sealed VHS tapes with hopes of turning a huge profit in just a few years.

It seems that everything old is new again, similar to the resurgence of vinyl records in recent years. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Pete Davidson revealed his unique investment strategy. He began collecting sealed VHS tapes three years ago, inspired by a particularly high night. “I started collecting VHS tapes that were sealed in the box,” Davidson explained. “So listen to this, guys: In 2026, it’ll be 20 years since the last VHS was made, right? So 20 years goes by — that’s enough time for people to be like, ‘Oh, that was cool, remember?’ Like vinyl? So I bought all the sealed ones that exist — like, three to five thousand tapes.”

The audience and Jimmy Fallon couldn’t help but laugh, skeptical of Davidson’s grand plan. “You guys sound like my mom! No one believes in me!” Davidson exclaimed. Despite the skepticism, the comedian remains confident in his investment. He pointed out that sealed VHS tapes have recently sold for $20,000 to $30,000 each, with Rocky selling for $27,000. Davidson sees this as his “GameStop” moment and proudly proclaims, “I own all of them, dude! Dude, no one believed in me! It’s gonna happen, you guys!”

However, Davidson acknowledges that if his VHS scheme doesn’t work out, he may have to stay on the road as a comedian forever. While many people still collect VHS tapes, it remains to be seen if they will experience the same vinyl-like comeback. Only time will tell.

Pete Davidson Hosting the Season 49 Premiere of Saturday Night Live

In other news, Pete Davidson is set to host the season 49 premiere of Saturday Night Live on October 14th. Davidson was originally scheduled to host an episode of the previous season earlier this year, but it was canceled due to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Now that the strike is over, the writers are free to work on the show.

Although SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) is still on strike, Saturday Night Live has received full approval from the union to continue production. Cast members and hosts who are members of SAG are free to work on the show, as it falls under a different contract known as the Network Code.

“Our members appearing on Saturday Night Live either as hosts, guests, or cast members are working under the Network Code agreement, which is not a contract we are striking,” stated SAG-AFTRA. “They are not in violation of SAG-AFTRA strike rules, and we support them in fulfilling their contractual obligations.”

So, while Davidson’s VHS tape investment may be his focus for future wealth, he’s also keeping busy with his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.

Are You Holding on to a VHS Collection for Retirement?

Pete Davidson’s bold venture into the world of VHS tapes raises an interesting question: Are others holding on to a large VHS collection in hopes of cashing in for retirement? While the nostalgia factor and collector’s market for VHS tapes still exists, it remains uncertain if they will generate the same level of value as vinyl records.

As technology continues to evolve, what was once obsolete often finds new life in the world of collectors. Whether it’s vinyl records or VHS tapes, there seems to be a market for vintage formats. Only time will tell if Davidson’s investment turns out to be as profitable as he hopes.

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