Is Pete Davidson’s search for his mom’s date discussed during his ‘SNL’ hosting experience?

Pete Davidson is back to work and excited to be hosting Saturday Night Live once again. During his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Davidson joked about the unfortunate timing that prevented him from hosting last season due to the WGA strike. However, he is now looking forward to the upcoming season 49 premiere.

Davidson revealed that he found out he would be hosting via a text message from SNL producer Lorne Michaels. “I got a classic Lorne text. He was like, ‘There’s a rumor going around that you’re the host for the premiere.’ And he goes, ‘I guess it’s true, because I started it,'” Davidson shared with a laugh.

But Davidson’s excitement is not limited to himself. His mom, Amy Davidson, will also be present to support her son on SNL. “She’s very excited. She actually has been on the show almost as many times as I have! Like, she’s always ready to go up,” Davidson joked. He then light-heartedly mentioned that he is on a mission to find his mom a date.

“She hasn’t been with anybody in like 23 years. So, like, yeah! And she’s a good catch,” Davidson playfully told Fallon. “And it’s like, you know, brand new down there so…”

Davidson explained that he genuinely wants to find someone nice and compatible for his mother, both to make her happy and to ease his own responsibilities. “I really just want someone to take care of her,” he expressed. “And to get her off my hands.”

Pete Davidson was a cast member of Saturday Night Live for eight seasons, having joined at the young age of 20. Although he departed the show towards the end of season 47, he is now ready to make a triumphant return as the host for the season 49 premiere.

The new season of Saturday Night Live, which airs live coast-to-coast, will premiere on October 14 at 11:30 PM ET, 8:30 PM PT on NBC.