Why were Fern Britton fans shocked by her appearance after hospital admission?

Television icon Fern Britton has left fans shocked by her appearance as she shares a health update following her recent hospital admission. The former This Morning host sparked concern when she revealed she was in the hospital for an operation. However, she has now reassured her followers that the operation was successful.

In an Instagram post, Fern shared a selfie of herself wearing a hospital gown with her arm in a sling. She captioned the photo, “Morning all!! Shoulder replacement is done and a success. I can’t thank the staff at #StMichaels #NHS hospital in Hayle, Cornwall, enough. Such care and kindness.”

Fern also added a note of humor, mentioning her cat Barbara who is always by her side. “Back home, Barbara is in her doctor’s uniform and attending to me constantly,” she wrote. “Mostly telling me it’s time for her breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea, supper…”

Fern’s Return Home

Since her operation, Fern has returned home and shared another selfie of herself enjoying a cup of tea in her garden. Fans were stunned by her serene appearance after the hospital operation.

Fern Britton reveals she’s been in hospital for an op (Credit: ITV)

Many fans commented on her post, expressing their surprise and admiration. One fan exclaimed, “You look so relaxed!” Another commented, “You look happy, Ms Britton.” Fern responded, “I did, I was and will be again soon. Looking relaxed and well in this gift of warm weather.”

Health Struggles

Last year, Fern Britton opened up about her health struggles, revealing that she suffers from arthritis. She shared in an interview with Woman & Home, “I’ve got arthritis settling in everywhere. My knee is really bad, and so is my shoulder. I’m waiting on a list for a surgeon to sort it out. It’s very boring when your body starts to be in pain all the time.”

Get Well Soon Fern!

Fans of Fern Britton are sending her well wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery. They appreciate her openness about her health and continue to support her through her journey.