Did Barry Keoghan channel Kubrick for his Riddler audition tape?

In his audition tape for the role of the Riddler, Barry Keoghan drew inspiration not only from the character of Alex DeLarge in “A Clockwork Orange,” but also from the visual style of Stanley Kubrick.

Prior to being cast as the Joker in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” Barry Keoghan submitted an audition tape for the role of the Riddler. However, instead of taking inspiration from Jim Carrey’s portrayal, Keoghan looked to Stanley Kubrick for guidance.

In his Riddler tape, Keoghan’s appearance clearly echoes the style of Alex DeLarge from “A Clockwork Orange” with the cane, bowler hat, and eyeshadow. But it’s not just the character’s look that was influenced by Kubrick. Keoghan intentionally framed the audition tape to evoke the distinctive visual trademarks of the legendary filmmaker. Speaking to Esquire, Keoghan explained, “I just made it up. I wanted to make it Kubrick-y: symmetrical, the X on the back, the square doorframe, everything square. I just wanted swag to come across. Swag and endearing. It was just me giving my idea. And then I’s like, I’ma send this in!” This is reminiscent of Kubrick’s meticulous attention to detail before submitting his final cut.

Ultimately, Paul Dano was chosen to portray the Riddler while Keoghan landed a different role as the Joker. However, one can easily imagine Keoghan bringing a unique and deranged interpretation to the character, separate from the acclaimed performances by Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix. Keoghan’s previous work, such as his teenage character in “The Killing of a Sacred Deer,” showcases his ability to create compelling and psychologically unsettling performances.

Aside from his foray into the DC universe, Barry Keoghan has been enjoying a successful and well-deserved run in recent years. He made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in “Eternals” and received his first Academy Award nomination for his role in “The Banshees of Inisherin.” Keoghan’s upcoming projects include “Saltburn” directed by Emerald Fennell, known for her work on “Promising Young Woman.”

As for the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is set to reprise his role as Arthur Fleck in the sequel, “Joker: Folie à Deux,” which is scheduled for release next year. Additionally, Lady Gaga will join the franchise as Harley Quinn.

What are your thoughts on Barry Keoghan’s Riddler audition tape? How do you think he would fare as the Joker, the primary antagonist? Let us know in the comments below.

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