Did ‘The Golden Bachelor’ survive a scary freeway drive with broken headlights on their first one-on-one date?

Gerry Turner, the first Golden Bachelor on ABC, found himself in a terrifying situation during Thursday’s episode of the popular reality show. While on his first one-on-one date, Gerry’s convertible experienced a malfunction with its headlights, leaving him stranded on a Los Angeles freeway. Despite the unexpected challenge, Gerry managed to navigate through the ordeal and continue with his date with Theresa.

Ironically, just before the incident occurred, Gerry had shared his apprehensions about the date, admitting that he felt a bit scared and out of practice due to the long gap since his last romantic encounter. Little did he know that his fears were about to be amplified by the freeway mishap.

As they drove down the freeway from Malibu to Sun Valley, Gerry informed Theresa about the malfunctioning headlights, drawing attention to the fact that he was not used to driving in California. With no headlights to guide him, Gerry struggled to see the highway markings and road signs, adding to the danger of the situation.

“Believe me, I’m not a California driver,” Gerry confessed in a voiceover. “I live in Northern Indiana. This is my first time driving on a California freeway, which is notoriously insane. Without headlights, I’m in the dark both literally and figuratively.”

Theresa, feeling equally terrified, expressed her fears separately. “My hope is that this is the worst part of this date,” she said. “Right now, I’m scared to death.”

Eventually, Gerry and Theresa managed to exit the freeway in Sun Valley, bringing some relief to their stressful journey. Theresa’s comforting gesture of placing her hand on Gerry’s shoulder instantly calmed him down, showing the connection they were forming amidst the chaos.

Their date continued at Cadillac Jacks Cafe, where they opened up about their shared experiences of losing their longtime spouses. The conversation was heartfelt, providing them with a chance to connect on a deeper level. To end the date on a light note, an awkward flash mob dance took place in the parking lot, adding a touch of humor to their emotional discussion.

The episode also featured a group date, a surprise birthday party for Gerry, and the revelation that Leslie from Minnesota, aged 64, wears hearing aids like the Golden Bachelor. However, as is customary, the rose ceremony awaited the ladies at the end of the episode.

Unfortunately, it was time to bid farewell to three contestants: Jeanie, a 65-year-old retired project manager from Tennessee; Natascha, a 60-year-old pro-aging coach and midlife speaker from New York; and Peggy, a 69-year-old dental hygienist from Connecticut. The elimination brought Gerry to tears as he struggled with the difficult decision.

In conclusion, Gerry Turner faced a nerve-wracking situation during his first one-on-one date on The Golden Bachelor. Despite the malfunctioning headlights and the challenges of driving on a California freeway, Gerry successfully navigated through the darkness and made a genuine connection with Theresa. Their heartfelt conversation and moments of support demonstrated the potential for a blossoming romance. Although the episode brought tears and eliminations, it left viewers eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Gerry’s journey to find love.

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