Did Barry Keoghan really spend $10 on props for his Riddler audition tape in ‘The Batman’?

Barry Keoghan recently revealed the unique story behind his viral self-tape audition for the role of the Riddler in the highly anticipated film, ‘The Batman’. Although he eventually landed the role of the Joker, Keoghan took his chances and decided to send in a tape for the supervillain character after hearing about an opening in the movie.

For his audition, Keoghan went above and beyond, investing only $10 on props. He purchased a cane and a hat from a local costume shop, whilst also storyboarding the entire scene. The audition tape depicted him walking in slow motion through a door and down a creepy hallway, without uttering a single word, accompanied by eerie music.

For his audition Keoghan $ on props
For his audition Keoghan $10 on props

When asked about his inspiration for the tape, Keoghan explained, “I just made it up. I wanted to make it Kubrick-y: symmetrical, the ‘X’ on the back, the square doorframe, everything square. I just wanted swag to come across. Swag and endearing. It was just me giving my idea. And then I thought, I’m gonna send this in!”

Although Paul Dano ultimately secured the role of the Riddler, Keoghan received news several months later that he had been cast as the Joker in the film. While his appearance is brief in the final cut of the movie, director Matt Reeves later released a deleted scene featuring Robert Pattinson’s Batman meeting Keoghan’s Joker at Arkham Asylum.

Reflecting on the moment he found out he had been selected for the film, Keoghan previously shared that his agent called him and said, “‘The Batman’ wants you to play the Joker – but you cannot tell anyone.” The secrecy surrounding the role only added to the excitement of his casting.

When it came to portraying the iconic character of the Joker, Keoghan drew from his own experiences, aiming to create a character that was both “a bit charming and a bit hurt.”

While fans eagerly await the release of ‘The Batman’ in 2022, news of a sequel titled ‘The Batman Part II’ has already surfaced. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether Keoghan will reprise his role as the Joker in the upcoming installment.

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