What is CBS News’ plan for reporting embeds in the 2024 election campaign?

CBS News has recently announced a team of reporters for the upcoming 2024 election campaign. These reporters, known as embeds, will be responsible for providing comprehensive coverage of candidates and important issues on the campaign trail.

The team of embeds consists of Nidia Cavazos, Shawna Mizelle, Allison Novelo, Olivia Rinaldi, Jake Rosen, and Taurean Small. These individuals have all had previous experience working for major media outlets and bring valuable expertise to CBS News.

In addition to the embeds, CBS News is expanding the political and campaign roles of Camilo Montoya-Galvez, Aaron Navarro, Zak Hudak, and Cristina Corujo. Their focus will be on covering the campaign through the eyes of voters, with special attention to topics such as immigration, the economy, and climate change. Notably, CBS News will also include Spanish-language reports as part of their political coverage for the first time.

The embed reporters will provide coverage across a range of CBS News platforms, including the CBS News Streaming Network and the show “America Decides.” This show, led by executive producer Allison Sandza, features a team of anchors and correspondents who go on location to political hotspots. Recently, they covered the GOP debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.

Each of the embed reporters has a unique background in journalism. Cavazos, for example, was previously a national correspondent for Univision in Houston, where she produced, wrote, and delivered daily stories for network newscasts. Mizelle worked as a breaking news writer for CNN, covering politics on CNN.com. Novelo served as a general assignment reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, focusing on breaking news and enterprise stories. Rinaldi worked as an associate producer for the CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell and helped launch the streaming series “Person to Person with Norah O’Donnell.” Rosen previously worked as an associate producer for “Face the Nation” and the CBS News Political Unit, covering breaking political news from D.C. Small, meanwhile, was a Washington-based correspondent for Spectrum News, covering the Wisconsin delegation and national politics.

Mary Hager, the executive editor for politics and executive producer of “Face the Nation,” expressed her excitement for this group of reporters, stating that they are “our eyes and ears on the road” during the campaign. Hager, who has previously served as an embed herself, believes that these reporters will play a crucial role in CBS News’ campaign coverage.

CBS News political director Fin Gómez likened the experience of being an embed to “The Amazing Race,” given the fast-paced nature of campaign reporting. Having been an embed himself, Gómez understands the challenges and demands of the role. He commended the new class of embeds for their extensive experience in covering local and statewide politics, noting that they are well-equipped to handle the fast-moving pace of the digital world.

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