What can we expect from Season 8 of Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’?

The Real Housewives of Potomac is back for its eighth season, and the drama is hotter than ever. Bravo recently dropped the full trailer for the upcoming season, giving fans a taste of what to expect. In an interesting twist, the trailer is presented as an old-time sitcom called “Potomac Proper.” The housewives gather together, acknowledging the fact that they are all strong Black women going through different challenges in their lives. They toast to embracing it all and “keeping Potomac weird.”

Returning to the cast are fan favorites Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, Candiace Dillard Bassett, Wendy Osefo, Mia Thornton, and Karen Huger. Joining the cast for Season 8 is Nneka Ihim, an attorney and entrepreneur. OG and former cast member Charisse Jackson Jordan will also return as a “friend of” the housewives, along with new friend Keiarna Stewart.

The trailer also gives a glimpse into each housewife’s storyline for the season. Robyn Dixon is standing by her man, Juan, despite cheating rumors swirling around. Her friends support her decision but wonder if she’s truly happy or just making excuses. Ashley Darby, on the other hand, contemplates a divorce from her husband Michael Darby. As she adjusts to being a single mother, she also faces financial challenges and wonders how to support her family.

Gizelle Bryant finds herself in a “situation-ship” with Winter House star Jason Cameron, who is 16 years her junior. Their relationship brings new life to the west wing of Gizelle’s life. She’s also dealing with her complicated friendship with Robyn and expressing her feelings towards Juan’s actions.

Karen Huger celebrates turning 60, but a health scare prompts her to make some lifestyle changes. She decides to renovate her grandmother’s old home into a guest house/lodge, adding to the legacy of her family in Surry County. While she and Gizelle have called a truce and become closer, Karen has some issues with Mia for spreading rumors and Robyn for not being honest with the group.

Candiace Dillard Bassett finds herself juggling a busy touring schedule, which takes a toll on her marriage with Chris. She needs to figure out her next move and deals with the added stress of a recent health discovery. Her relationships within the group are strained, with tensions rising between her and Ashley, Gizelle, and Robyn.

Mia Thornton and her husband, Gordon, have faced challenges this past year due to the loss of their CEO titleship in their joint chiropractic business. Mia is considering divorce but decides to give couples therapy a try before giving up. She tries to make amends with Karen but struggles to move on due to persistent rumors.

Wendy Osefo takes on a new endeavor this season, combining her interests in politics, mental health, and gossip. However, she finds herself at odds with Gizelle and Robyn and clashes with new housewife Nneka. Family secrets are uncovered, causing tension between Wendy and Nneka.

Nneka Ihim, a first-generation Nigerian-American, is an attorney and entrepreneur who enjoys the finer things in life. She and her husband, Dr. Ikenna Ihim, recently purchased a beautiful home in Potomac that is currently being renovated. Nneka is excited to build new friendships with the housewives but faces unexpected tensions with Wendy as family secrets come to light.

Fans can catch the premiere of The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8 on Sunday, November 5 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. With an all-star cast and promising storylines, this season is sure to keep viewers hooked. So mark your calendars and get ready for the drama, because the ladies of the DMV are back!

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