Which celebs had an even worse week? Richard Madeley (shock) to Angela Scanlon.

It’s been another week in showbiz land, and while some celebs have been riding high, others have had a bit of a rough time. Let’s take a look at the unfortunate few who probably can’t wait to forget this week. So, let’s breathe a sigh of relief that it’s finally Friday, eh?

Alex Beresford – The Olympic Grade Moaner

We’ll start with weather favorite Alex Beresford, who found himself facing some backlash during his appearance on Celebs Race Across the World this week. It seems that Alex’s tendency to moan was swiftly noticed by viewers, who wasted no time criticizing him online. It’s safe to say that nobody likes a moaner, Alex! Maybe Piers Morgan was onto something after all?

Paul and Natalie from My Mum, Your Dad – Love Isn’t Always Enough

This one is quite heart-wrenching. Paul and Natalie from the hit show My Mum, Your Dad announced that they had split since filming the series. Despite the chemistry they displayed on screen, it seems that they decided their love wasn’t strong enough to overcome the hurdles they faced. While we can only speculate about the specific challenges they encountered, it’s a sad outcome for a couple we thought had a good chance.

Matt Hancock – Always Having a Bad Week

It goes without saying that Matt Hancock seems to be perpetually having a rough time. This week, he appeared on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, and it didn’t disappoint in terms of his luck. The instructors wasted no time tearing him to shreds, and even the Channel 4 announcer took the opportunity to mock him. It seems like Matt’s time in SAS training is unlikely to be smooth sailing, so don’t be surprised to find him on this list next week too!

Angela Scanlon – A Juicy Bit of Trouble

Angela Scanlon found herself in a bit of a pickle this week when she reportedly got reported to the police for her actions. So, what did she do wrong? The Strictly star decided to hang out of a car window after rehearsals, which may seem like a silly decision made out of excitement. However, with thousands of eyes watching, it didn’t go unnoticed. Angela addressed the situation and admitted that it was a stupid decision, owning up to her mistake.

Georges from MAFS UK – A Creepy Encounter

MAFS UK has brought the drama this week, and one of the grooms, Georges, faced severe backlash for his creepy comments about boobs. It seems he developed an unhealthy obsession during his first episode on the show, and viewers didn’t hold back in tearing him apart on social media. Let’s hope Georges can redeem himself in the eyes of the viewers next week!

Olly Murs – Showbiz Axing Strikes Again

Poor Olly Murs faced yet another disappointment as he was axed from the new series of The Voice. This news must have hit him right in the gut, especially considering ITV’s show, Starstruck, which he hosted, was also axed. Olly expressed his disappointment, calling Starstruck an amazing show and lamenting its cancellation. That’s showbiz for you!

Zara McDermott – A Toe-tally Gross Situation

Strictly 2023 star Zara McDermott has had quite a painful experience this week, as half of her toe was hanging off due to an injury. While the world of Strictly may seem glamorous, many stars end up with some pretty gruesome injuries. Zara took to showing her fans her injured toe and admitted it was not a pleasant sight. We can’t help but cringe at the thought.

Richard Madeley – Always in Hot Water

Richard Madeley seems to find himself in hot water quite frequently. This week was no exception when he went on a rant about slavery during an interview on Good Morning Britain. His comments sparked over 300 complaints, indicating that he had once again stirred controversy. It seems Richard still needs to work on his filter.

Weeks may not always be smooth sailing for celebrities, and we can’t help but feel a glimmer of relief when we realize that our own weeks may not have been as bad as theirs. From Alex Beresford’s moaning to Richard Madeley’s controversial remarks, these celebs have certainly had a week they want to forget. But in showbiz land, these ups and downs are all part of the game. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that it’s Friday and our own weeks are, hopefully, far less eventful.

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