Are Lydia and Milton still together in Season 5 of ‘Love Is Blind’?

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen the first seven episodes of season 5 of Love Is Blind, proceed with caution.

Greetings, Love Is Blind fans! Season 5 of the Netflix dating show is going stronger than Milton’s mustache, and on Friday, Netflix released a whole new set of drama-packed episodes.

As usual, one woman was at the center of all the drama. Lydia Arlene Velez Gonzalez came into the pods with a bold personality. She admitted that sometimes people thought she was “too much,” but that she was looking for someone to love her for who she truly was.

First, she fell for Izzy Zapata, but he soon broke things off in favor of connections with Johnie and Stacy. The Puerto Rican geologist seemed heartbroken but continued to talk with her other connection—Milton, whose full name is James Milton Johnson IV. The pair bonded over their love of science and geology despite their extensive age gap.

Milton was 24 at the time of filming, and Lydia was 30. Though Lydia was worried that Milton might be too immature, he soon proved that his logical, calm demeanor was a good counterbalance to her passionate ways.

And despite the fact that Lydia and fellow contestant Uche’s romantic past was exposed, Milton still seemed willing to move forward with Lydia, popping the question.

But in the new set of episodes, Uche accuses Lydia of stalking him and following him to the experiment in an attempt to rekindle their romance. He also claims that she watched other girls’ Instagram Stories who followed him and sent him photos from outside his house saying, “I see you.”

Lydia is furious about her ex’s accusations, saying that in reality, Uche cheated on her while they were together.

She storms out of the cast party, as a calm Milton goes to speak to Uche about the allegations. In the sneak peek clip at the next episode drop, we see Uche telling Milton that Lydia “planned” for him to be there “because she couldn’t let me go.”

Milton is then seen walking off. Milton’s family also seems skeptical of the romance, questioning the couple’s age gap, with one woman calling it “phony.”

But we do know that Lydia and Milton make it to the altar, as we’ve seen footage from their wedding day in the preview clip for the next episode drop on Friday.

So do these two end up together? That remains to be seen. Neither one is following the other on social media, but it’s not uncommon for the cast to wipe their pages clean of any spoilers about their relationship status. Milton did like one of Lydia’s friend’s birthday posts in honor of her special day back in August.

Season 5 of Love Is Blind was filmed in early 2022, so if they are still together, the couple has been keeping this secret for more than a year.

New episodes of Love Is Blind stream Fridays on Netflix.

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