Did Wayne Brady’s dating life change after coming out as pansexual?

Actor Wayne Brady recently came out as pansexual, and he believes that this revelation has positively impacted his dating life. In an interview with ET’s Nischelle Turner, Brady explained that he had always felt a sense of dishonesty and a nagging doubt because he hadn’t explored his pansexuality or given it a voice. However, since coming out, he feels that he can now enter into relationships with full honesty and transparency.

Brady emphasized that being pansexual means he can love whomever he wants regardless of gender. He stated that while he may be attracted to men or women, it is ultimately about the person and not their gender. He even mentioned the possibility of being attracted to non-binary or transgender individuals.

One of the best parts of coming out for Brady is the feeling of liberation. He no longer has to hide or feel like he’s being deceitful. He can show up at events or go out without worrying about hiding his true self. However, Brady clarified that he isn’t actively seeking a partner at the moment. He wants to take some time to focus on himself, continue therapy, and be his best self before pursuing or being pursued by someone else.

Coming out wasn’t just an individual milestone for Brady; it was also a way for him to support and authentically align himself with the LGBTQ community. He wants to be a truthful ally and contribute to the education and clarification of topics related to sexuality and gender identity.

Brady also addressed concerns about how his personal announcement might affect his hosting career on Let’s Make a Deal. He expressed that if people don’t like him for who he truly is, they don’t have to watch him. However, he believes that his authenticity will attract more genuine fans who appreciate him for his real self.

Apart from Let’s Make a Deal, Brady is also excited about his role as The Wizard in the Broadway-bound musical The Wiz. He described it as a perfect opportunity that came at the right time.

Brady will also be featured in an upcoming reality series on Hulu that highlights his blended family. He acknowledged that his relationship with his ex-wife, Mandie Taketa, and her current partner, Jason Fordham, is strong and has endured for over 28 years. He stressed that family is not just about blood relations but about the connections you make and foster throughout your life.

In conclusion, Brady’s coming out as pansexual has brought a sense of ease and liberty to his life that he didn’t have before. He hopes that everyone can experience the same degree of happiness and authenticity in their lives because mental health is crucial. Brady believes in being true to oneself and getting rid of any negativity or turmoil that may exist.