Did Lana Del Rey want her album to go as viral as her Waffle House photos?

Lana Del Rey recently opened up about her viral moment at a Waffle House last July in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. In the interview, Lana reveals that the staff at the Waffle House gave her and her brother uniform shirts because they were frequent visitors while visiting family nearby. Lana happened to be behind the counter when the manager took some photos and videos, which eventually went viral.

The incident sparked a lot of curiosity and discussion among fans and even people who hadn’t heard from Lana in years. She jokingly mentioned that she wished her album had gone as viral as her Waffle House photos. It seemed like she was having fun and not trying to gain attention, contrary to popular belief.

Lana also spoke about the criticism she faced throughout her career and how it has helped her grow. She believes that the repeated criticism gave her the opportunity to explore new things in her music and delve into different subjects. While she wishes it hadn’t lasted for so long, she feels like she’s in a better place now.

The interview also touched on Lana’s success with her 2019 album “Norman F–king Rockwell!” and she gave credit to Jack Antonoff’s production style for making the vocals on the album stand out. Lana mentioned that Antonoff’s style allowed for more space and a better chance to process the music.

When it comes to performing on television, Lana hasn’t felt like it’s been the right time since her infamous SNL performance in 2012. However, she mentioned that now, even if she didn’t feel confident, she would do it anyway. Perhaps it’s something she will grow into more, just like touring.

Lana also expressed her admiration for fellow artists Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo, who have called her an inspiration. She loves their music and believes that being nice and talented goes a long way in the music industry.

Overall, it’s clear that Lana Del Rey has faced her fair share of criticism throughout her career. However, with the success of her latest album and the recognition she has received, it seems like she’s in a good place now. Critics have re-evaluated their reviews of her earlier work, and Lana’s music has been embraced by many. The interview with The Hollywood Reporter sheds light on Lana’s growth as an artist and her current state of mind.