Was a black gymnast excluded during the medal ceremony in Ireland, as Simone Biles states?

Simone Biles has recently called out Gymnastics Ireland for a video that went viral on social media. The video showed a young black gymnast being skipped over during a medal ceremony while her white peers received an award. The incident, which originally took place in March but was posted on Twitter in September, sparked outrage among many, including Simone Biles.

In the comments section of the video, Simone expressed her disappointment and sent a supportive video to the gymnast and her family. She stated that there is no room for racism in any sport or anywhere else. The video quickly received backlash, and the parents of the gymnast claimed that she was snubbed due to racism.

Following the backlash, Gymnastics Ireland issued a public apology on their website. They claimed that the issue had been settled in August through mediation, but the mother of the young girl denied this and stated that they had not received a genuine apology. According to the Irish Independent, the family is demanding a public apology from Gymnastics Ireland.

The website also provided some background information on the incident. They mentioned that the official involved in the incident expressed deep regret and requested the opportunity to apologize in person to the gymnast and her family. However, the initial request was declined. Gymnastics Ireland stated that a written apology was provided by the identified individual and has since been issued to the competitor and her family.

In addition to Simone Biles, U.S. gymnast Jordan Chiles also voiced her support for the young gymnast. She called the incident “beyond hurtful on so many levels.” The incident serves as a reminder that racism should have no place in sports or in any aspect of life.

It is important for organizations and individuals to address instances of racism and take appropriate actions to prevent similar incidents in the future. This incident emphasizes the need for ongoing efforts to promote diversity, inclusion, and equality in the world of sports and beyond.