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Did couple Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas announce their breakup after ‘Love is Blind’?

Love is Blind fans were hit with some disappointing news this week as alumnae Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas announced their breakup after more than a year of dating. The couple, who gained widespread attention during their love triangle saga on season 4 of the popular Netflix series, took to social media to share the unfortunate news.

During a livestream that was later shared on TikTok by @realityashley, Jackie revealed that she ended things with Josh after speaking with his ex-girlfriend, Monica Rodriguez. Although she did not go into detail about their conversation, Jackie expressed her heartbreak, saying, “I’m still sick about it. I love that man. I was like, ‘Damn, I had all these life plans with you and then you just don’t even care.’ And I’m like, ‘That’s crazy.'”

Reflecting on their communication, Jackie added, “I tried doing everything I could and what’s crazy is looking back on these messages I look like a begging a** b**** and I never beg no one to be with me.”

On the other hand, Josh took to Instagram to address the breakup, stating that it was a mutual decision. “After a lot of thinking, Jackie and I both agreed that it’s best that we end the relationship.”

The relationship between Jackie and Josh initially began in 2022 while filming in the “pods” on Love is Blind season 4. However, Jackie ultimately chose her connection with Marshall Glaze over Josh, and she got engaged to Marshall. Unfortunately, their engagement didn’t last long, and Jackie and Marshall ended their relationship while filming in Seattle.

During the series, Josh and Jackie had a second chance at love and went on a successful date. After the show aired in March 2023, the couple appeared to be going strong and had even moved in together. Their split comes as a surprise to many fans who were rooting for their happiness.

Love is Blind has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, showcasing the complexities of love and dating in a unique format. While not all the relationships formed on the show have stood the test of time, the show continues to entertain and captivate viewers with its unconventional approach to finding love.

For those who want to delve deeper into the Love is Blind romances, there are various links and videos available online that offer more insights and updates on the show’s participants.

As Jackie and Josh embark on separate paths, fans will surely be wondering what the future holds for them individually. Despite the end of their relationship, Love is Blind viewers remain optimistic that both Jackie and Josh will find the love and happiness they deserve.