Was Sofia Coppola excited and nervous when meeting Priscilla Presley?

Sofia Coppola, the renowned filmmaker, recently shared her experience of meeting Priscilla Presley for the first time. Sofia had the privilege of directing the upcoming Priscilla movie, starring Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi. The movie premiered at the prestigious Venice Film Festival, creating quite a buzz among film enthusiasts.

In an interview with People, Sofia Coppola confessed that she was both excited and nervous about meeting Priscilla. She considered this meeting a golden opportunity to interview the subject matter of her film, something she had never done before. Reflecting on her encounter with Priscilla, Sofia stated that the latter was extremely kind and accommodating throughout the process. Priscilla allowed Sofia to ask her questions and even made herself available for follow-up calls. This level of support and cooperation not only eased Sofia’s nerves but also helped her gather more information for her project.

During her conversations with Priscilla, Sofia discovered several intriguing aspects of her life, one of which was that Priscilla attended high school while living in Elvis’s house. Sofia found it captivating to learn the intricate details of Priscilla’s life and wanted to understand how she spent her days when Elvis was away. By delving into Priscilla’s experiences, Sofia sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of the character she was bringing to life on the screen.

Priscilla Presley, on the other hand, recently addressed the significant age gap between her and Elvis Presley. Denying any involvement in an intimate relationship during her teenage years, Priscilla clarified that her dating timeline with Elvis started when she was just 14 years old.

Sofia Coppola’s excitement and nervousness before meeting Priscilla Presley highlight the immense respect she has for the subject matter of her film. As a talented filmmaker, Sofia made the most of this opportunity to interview Priscilla and gain valuable insights into her life. The Venice Film Festival premiere of the Priscilla movie has undoubtedly generated heightened anticipation among viewers who are eager to witness the captivating story unfold on the big screen.

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