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Bethenny Frankel, known for her controversial actions and statements, recently faced backlash from followers after saying that a TJ Maxx cashier couldn’t afford a $70 makeup palette. In a now-deleted TikTok video, Frankel showed up at a TJ Maxx store and offered a bag of her used makeup products to a cashier named Consuela. The cashier seemed grateful but hesitant, citing company policies that prohibited accepting gifts. Despite this, Frankel left the bag with her and said she would message the company on Instagram to make an exception.

Frankel’s response triggered criticism from fans who called her remark “tone deaf” and accused her of having an entitled and rude attitude. Many users expressed their disappointment with Frankel’s behavior, comparing her to another reality TV star known for being impolite, Ramona Singer. Some even went as far as calling Frankel “Ramona Jr.”

The original video received further backlash from users, including Frankel’s friend-turned-nemesis Carole Radziwill, who criticized her for having a “white savior complex.” Users commented that the cashier appeared scared and argued that the items should have been given to a battered women’s shelter instead.

After the video went viral, Frankel addressed the backlash and admitted that she had done something wrong. In a separate TikTok video, she explained that beauty brands often send her products in various shades, and she would open them, not liking the color, and give them away. Frankel shared that she didn’t want the products to go to waste and often gave them to her staff or random acts of kindness. She also mentioned that the cashiers had complimented her on the products she bought and expressed their wish to afford them, which led her to give them a bag of goodies.

Despite intending to sort it out with TJ Maxx, Frankel ultimately had to return to the store and retrieve the bags, regifting them to employees at Restoration Hardware, who could accept gifts. Frankel criticized those who called her actions a “white savior complex” and defended herself, claiming that she was trying to help people who couldn’t afford such high-end makeup on their own.

While some defended Frankel’s generosity and expressed gratitude for receiving such products, others supported her decision to offer gifts and criticized those who accused her of having a “white savior complex.” Ultimately, Frankel’s controversial actions and statements continue to stir up conversations and divide opinions among her followers.

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