Why can’t ‘Sister Wives’ star Christine Brown trust Robyn enough to be friends?

In a recent episode of “Sister Wives,” Christine Brown opened up about her feelings towards fellow cast member Robyn Brown. Christine revealed that she could never be friends with Robyn because she couldn’t trust her. The issue of Kody Brown, the husband in the plural marriage, spending more time with Robyn than with the other wives was brought up once again, sparking the conversation.

Christine, aged 51, didn’t hold back her thoughts about Robyn during the episode. She stated that Robyn knew Kody spent more time at her house than anyone else’s. Christine expressed her lack of trust towards someone who claims to want a family, yet is fine with Kody only being at her house. In Christine’s eyes, this does not represent a family, but rather a monogamous relationship.

Kody, on the other hand, claimed that he spends his time equally with all his wives. Robyn also chimed in, saying that she tried her best to be kind to Christine throughout the years. Robyn shared that she constantly extended an olive branch to Christine, hoping to have a good relationship. However, all Christine ever told Robyn was that she was simply jealous of her.

During the episode, Robyn became visibly emotional, struggling to understand why she and Christine couldn’t have a great relationship. She expressed her heartbreak and the potential she saw in their friendship. Robyn couldn’t come to terms with the fact that they couldn’t overcome their differences.

Christine brought up a past counseling session where she openly admitted that her main issue was Kody’s preference for Robyn. She stated that Robyn would deny everything, while Kody would claim that he divided his time equally among the wives.

In response, Christine wished that Robyn had taken the initiative to reach out to her directly if she truly wanted to be friends. However, Christine confessed that even if Robyn had approached her, she would have rejected her friendship due to a lack of trust.

The dynamics between the Sister Wives cast members continue to be a source of intrigue and drama for viewers. The show airs new episodes every Sunday at 10 p.m. on TLC, offering audiences a glimpse into the complex world of plural marriage.