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Did Lamar Odom smash a Mercedes-Benz in a car crash? [Photos included]

Former professional basketball player Lamar Odom recently made headlines after crashing his Mercedes-Benz in a residential area. According to TMZ, the accident occurred in the early morning hours of Monday. Odom apparently lost control of his vehicle while trying to retrieve a dropped phone from the floor of the car. Fortunately, he was not injured in the crash.

Photos of the smashed Mercedes-Benz show the extent of the damage. The LAPD reportedly responded to the scene but did not file a police report. They questioned Odom about whether he had been drinking, to which he responded that he had not. He also mentioned his sobriety and ownership of rehab facilities. After explaining how the accident happened, Odom provided his insurance information to the owners of the parked cars he hit.

By the end of the incident, Odom’s car was towed, and his security team drove him home. The owners of the hit vehicles also received his information. It is worth noting that no one was inside the parked cars at the time of the crash.

As of now, Odom has not spoken publicly about the accident. However, he has been active on Instagram, sharing a photo of himself with his “partners” at Compassion Recovery Center earlier this month. The athlete has also been promoting interviews and other projects in the days following the crash.

This incident comes after Odom’s well-documented struggle with addiction. In the past, he suffered a near-fatal overdose that resulted in 12 seizures, six strokes, and two instances of cardiac arrest. After recovering, Odom has been transparent about his frightening experience and has been committed to maintaining his health and avoiding similar situations.

While it is unfortunate that Odom experienced a car crash, it is fortunate that he emerged uninjured. Hopefully, this serves as a reminder to everyone about the importance of remaining focused and distractions-free while driving.