How has DirecTV and Nexstar temporarily restored stations for NFL football?

DirecTV and Nexstar Media Group have reached an agreement to restore the signals of several TV stations, ending a two-and-a-half month standoff. The dispute arose due to issues concerning distribution terms, and as a result, approximately 159 ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and CW affiliates, as well as the cable network NewsNation, went dark on July 2. This left millions of DirecTV subscribers unable to watch their favorite shows and sports events.

Nexstar Media Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the US, while DirecTV is the third-largest pay-TV provider in the country. The fight between the two affected major markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver. Prominent stations like KTLA and WGN were also included in the blackout. The exact number of DirecTV subscribers affected has been a matter of debate, with Nexstar claiming it to be over 10 million and DirecTV stating it to be significantly lower.

However, in the early hours of Sunday, both companies released a joint statement acknowledging the patience of DirecTV customers and Nexstar viewers. They expressed their gratitude by temporarily restoring the signals of Nexstar-owned stations and the cable news network NewsNation on DirecTV, DirecTV Stream, and U-verse while they finalize the terms of an agreement.

In order to expedite the process, signals will be restored on a rolling basis, station by station, with the aim of having all stations back online in time for Sunday’s NFL games. This move comes as college and NFL football seasons are in full swing, adding extra pressure to resolve the dispute.

The timing of the impasse during the summer months did not aid in reaching a quick resolution. However, with the return of football, both companies felt the urgency to resolve the issue and provide uninterrupted access to highly-watched sporting events.

As negotiations between DirecTV and Nexstar continue, millions of viewers can now enjoy their favorite shows and NFL games. It remains to be seen how long it will take for a final agreement to be reached, but for the time being, viewers can rejoice in the restoration of their favorite TV stations.