Kelsea Ballerini Celebrates Chase Stokes’ Birthday, Shares Sent DM – A Question

Kelsea Ballerini Celebrates Chase Stokes’ Birthday, Shares DM She Sent

Can you believe it’s been nine months since Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes made their relationship official? Well, they certainly can, and they’re celebrating in style. To mark Stokes’ 31st birthday, Ballerini took to Instagram to share a sweet and slightly embarrassing moment from the early days of their romance.

In a carousel of photos and videos, Ballerini showcased their journey as a couple so far. The pictures captured them enjoying the great outdoors, attending concerts, and sharing joyful moments together. But it was the last photo in the sequence that stole the show. Ballerini shared a screenshot of the very first DM she sent to Stokes, and it was all too relatable.

The message simply said, “Hiii chase stokes.” And sure enough, a couple of hours later, the “Outer Banks” star responded with a casual, “Hey there how u doin.” And just like that, their love story began.

Captioning the post, Ballerini wrote, “[H]appy birthday, my sweet virgo.” It’s clear that their connection has been strong from the start, and their bond continues to grow with each passing day.

In an interview with ET at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, the couple shared some insider details about their early days together. Stokes admitted that he had given himself a pep talk before their first date, telling himself, “Don’t screw this up! Don’t screw this up.” He knew right away that he had strong feelings for Ballerini, and he didn’t want to mess things up.

And it seems that Ballerini felt the same way, too. She even shared a video of herself hyping up before that first date. In the clip, captured last month, she revealed her nervousness and excitement about their upcoming dinner together.

The MTV VMAs was a momentous occasion for Ballerini in more ways than one. Not only was she celebrating Stokes’ birthday, but it was her own 30th birthday as well. To top it off, she made her debut on the VMAs stage, adding to the significance of the evening.

When asked how she has been celebrating her birthday month, Ballerini shared that she has been enjoying time with Stokes, her friends, and her mom, who was also present at the awards show. She described the experience as both exhilarating and grounding, giving her a jolt of excitement amidst her real-life moments.

The love story between Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes continues to inspire fans, and their openness about their journey reveals the relatability of their relationship. From the initial DM slide to hyping each other up before a date, they remind us that even celebrities experience the rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to love and new beginnings. Cheers to their happiness and the adventures that lie ahead for this sweet couple.