Is the 911 dispatcher worried about the concert lineup during the 50 Cent mic toss?

In a recent incident at a concert, rapper 50 Cent made headlines when he threw a mic into the crowd, hitting a radio DJ and causing injury. The incident took place on August 30 at L.A.’s Arena and the 911 audio from the incident has now been released.

In the audio obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, a dispatcher can be heard expressing surprise at the report of someone being injured by a microphone. But what’s even more surprising is that the dispatcher asked who was performing at the concert. It seems like an odd question to ask in such a situation, but the dispatcher still made sure to send medical assistance right away and also inquired if the injured person was awake.

The radio DJ, Bryhana Monegain, suffered multiple lacerations to her head and face as a result of the mic incident. Reports suggest that the mic had been malfunctioning, which led to 50 Cent’s angry reaction and subsequent throw. It’s unclear why the mic malfunctioning or the identity of the performer would be relevant to the injury, but it raises some questions.

Law enforcement sources have stated that the police investigation into the incident is complete, and the case is now being reviewed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office for possible felony charges against 50 Cent. Despite this incident, 50 Cent’s “Final Lap” tour is still ongoing and scheduled to continue until December.

Let’s hope that incidents like these can be avoided in the future, and that concert organizers and performers take measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved. And maybe, in this case, it’s also a good reminder for dispatchers to prioritize the immediate needs of those involved in emergencies before asking about the concert lineup.

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