Which celebrities have over 100 tattoos, including Rihanna, Harry Styles, and David Beckham?

It’s very rare to find a celebrity who doesn’t have some sort of tattoo these days. From Rihanna, Ruby Rose, and Adam Levine to Kat Von D, Harry Styles, and Lady Gaga, all have ink and a lot of them have special meanings attached to them.

However, there are some popular tattooed celebs you won’t find on this list – like Dwayne Johnson. In fact, he only has two tattoos, although they happen to be huge.

So, if Dwayne is one of the least-covered tattooed celebs, who has the most? Just Jared has broken down the list of the Top 30 Most Tattooed Celebs. You might be surprised to see who actually has the most!

One celeb who is known for her extensive tattoo collection is Rihanna. The singer has a total of 32 tattoos, ranging from a gun on her right leg to a trail of stars on the back of her neck. It’s no wonder she made the list.

Another tattoo aficionado is Harry Styles. The former One Direction member has quite a few tattoos adorning his body, with the count currently standing at 62. From song lyrics to simple symbols, each tattoo has its own significance to the singer.

David Beckham, the retired soccer star and fashion icon, also has an impressive number of tattoos. He has a total of 63 tattoos, including his children’s names and various religious symbols. Beckham is known for his trendy tattoo choices and has certainly embraced the inked-up look.

But the title for the most tattooed celebrity goes to none other than Kat Von D. The famous tattoo artist and reality TV star has a staggering 136 tattoos! From large and intricate designs to smaller, more personal ones, Kat Von D is a walking gallery of body art.

It’s fascinating to see how celebrities express themselves through tattoos. Each tattoo tells a story and holds special meaning for its wearer. Whether it’s a meaningful tribute or simply a piece of art, tattoos have become a popular form of self-expression in the celebrity world.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more about the most tattooed celebrities in Hollywood, head over to Just Jared’s Top 30 Most Tattooed Celebs list. You might be surprised by who else made the cut and the incredible body art they have adorned themselves with.

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