Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrate his birthday with a beer at the Invictus Games?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated Harry’s 39th birthday in a casual and fun way at the Invictus Games Day 6. The royal couple shared a beer mug as they watched the Mixed Team Gold Medal match between Team Colombia and Team Poland, with thousands of spectators all around them.

During the game, Meghan and Harry took turns sipping from the beer mug, showcasing their love and camaraderie. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a prime seat in the arena and enjoyed the thrilling match alongside the enthusiastic crowd. It was undoubtedly a special and memorable way to mark Harry’s birthday.

As the game progressed, Harry was surprised and slightly embarrassed when the entire arena serenaded him for his birthday. The heartfelt celebration surely made Harry feel even more loved and appreciated on his special day.

Earlier in the day, Meghan and Harry attended another match before engaging in a low-key meet and greet with organizers, athletes, and their families. The couple showed their support for the participants and took the time to connect with everyone involved in the Invictus Games.

For this event, Meghan looked stylish in a Carolina Herrera denim dress, exuding her usual elegance and fashion-forwardness. The Duchess always manages to capture the attention of the crowd with her impeccable sense of style.

The pictures from the event show the joyful moments shared between Harry and Meghan as they enjoyed each other’s company, cheering on the athletes and immersing themselves in the festive atmosphere.

The Invictus Games is an event close to Prince Harry’s heart, as he founded it in 2014. It is an international multi-sport event that brings together wounded, injured, or sick armed services personnel and veterans. The Games provide a platform for these individuals to showcase their incredible strength, determination, and resilience.

By attending and actively participating in the Invictus Games, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to show their unwavering support for the armed forces and their commitment to raising awareness for mental health issues faced by veterans.

Overall, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s beer-sharing moment at the Invictus Games Day 6 not only celebrated Harry’s birthday but also highlighted their shared love for sports, fun, and supporting important causes. It is heartwarming to see the royal couple enjoying themselves in a casual setting, connecting with the people around them, and using their platform to shine a light on meaningful issues.