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Did the hit song “I’m Just Ken” almost have a smaller role in the film Barbie?

Barbie’s record-breaking film has been making waves in the entertainment industry, and one of its standout elements is the hit song “I’m Just Ken.” However, it turns out that this catchy tune almost had a much smaller role in the movie.

In a recent featurette promoting the film’s release on streaming platforms, director Greta Gerwig, music producer Mark Ronson, and actors Ryan Gosling and Ncuti Gatwa, among others, shared insights into the creation of the now-hit song. They revealed that initially, “I’m Just Ken” was only slated to be played somewhere in the film, but it eventually became the centerpiece of an epic battle scene on the Malibu beach.

According to Ronson, when Gerwig approached him to write a song for Gosling’s character Ken, he “instantly knew” what it should be. After Ronson penned the initial version, Gerwig requested an extended version of the song, leading to the creation of an 11-minute sequence revolving around “I’m Just Ken.”

Alongside the revelations about the song’s expanded role, Gerwig shared her inspiration for the beach battle scene. She drew inspiration from “The Nutcracker,” a beloved childhood favorite, particularly the absurdity and intensity of the battle between toy soldiers and rats.

Gosling and Gatwa, who portrayed different versions of Ken in the film, emphasized their characters’ limited understanding of war and battles. They explained that the Kens had zero information about what war truly is, resulting in misinterpretations and a comical distortion of reality. The scene represents their best attempt at battling, even though it’s ultimately the worst.

With these behind-the-scenes insights, audiences can appreciate the thought and creativity that went into the production of “Barbie” and especially the pivotal role played by “I’m Just Ken.” The film, which has garnered critical acclaim, is now available for rent online, allowing fans to enjoy this enchanting and humorous experience.