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Are Kanye West and his wife banned from Venice for life due to boat exposure?

In a shocking turn of events, it has been reported that Kanye West, also known as “Ye,” and his rumored wife, Bianca Censori, have been banned for life by an Italian boat company. This comes after the couple’s inappropriate behavior on a boat in Venice.

The rapper and the Australian architectural designer were caught in a compromising position in front of tourists. Photos that circulated online showed Ye with his pants down and bare buttocks exposed, while Censori was seen crouching between his legs.

The boat rental company, Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, condemned the couple’s behavior and expressed their ignorance of the lewd activity until the photos surfaced. In a statement obtained by the Daily Mail, the company stated, “On board, the driver had to keep a lookout for traffic and did not see these obscenities. If this had happened, he would have immediately disembarked and reported the transgressors to those in authority.”

Interestingly, a third person on board the water taxi also helped block the driver’s view, indicating that the couple had made efforts to hide their behavior from the boat company.

“We completely dissociate ourselves from such acts and behavior. Mr. West and his wife will certainly no longer be welcome on board our company’s boats,” the statement from Venezia Turismo Motoscafi concluded.

According to some reports, Italian police will be investigating the incident. A police source told the Daily Mail, “The images show the couple clearly in a state of intimacy, and if the local prosecutor decides to press charges, then we will notify the couple, most probably through the relevant Embassies.”

This scandal is yet another chapter in Kanye West’s controversial public persona. Known for his outlandish statements and behavior, Ye has always managed to grab headlines. However, this incident may have crossed a line for some, leading to the ban by the boat company and a potential investigation by the authorities.

It remains to be seen what ramifications this incident will have for Kanye West and Bianca Censori personally and professionally. Nonetheless, it serves as a reminder that actions have consequences, even for celebrities.

As the news unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the couple responds and whether they learn from this incident. In the meantime, they will have to find alternative means of transportation for their future visits to Venice.