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Are 7 stars returning and 1 star exiting ‘Aquaman 2’? (Plus, the revealed reason?)

Fans of the underwater superhero, Aquaman, have been eagerly anticipating the release of the sequel, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” (aka Aquaman 2), which is set to hit theaters in December. However, there has been some unexpected news that has left fans both excited and disappointed.

After the release of the movie’s trailer, fans noticed that one major character from the first movie was conspicuously absent. This led to speculation and questions about whether the character would be returning for the sequel. It didn’t take long for answers to come pouring in.

James Wan, the director of the film, confirmed the news that indeed, one character will not be returning for the sequel. This revelation left fans surprised and curious about the reason behind the exit.

But it’s not all bad news for Aquaman fans. Alongside the departure of one star, there are seven confirmed stars who will be returning for the sequel. This comes as a relief for those who have grown attached to these characters and are excited to see them back on the big screen.

While the details of the plot and character arcs are being kept under wraps, the return of these seven stars hints at the potential for greater depth and development in the sequel. Fans can expect to see familiar faces, beloved characters, and the continuation of their storylines.

As for the one star exiting the franchise, the reason behind their departure has been revealed. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to delve into the specifics here, but fans can find more information on Just Jared for the full scoop.

Regardless of the disappointment surrounding the departure of one star, the return of seven familiar faces is sure to generate excitement and anticipation for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.” As fans count down the days until the film’s release, they can speculate on how the story will continue to unfold and how these returning characters will play a role.

So mark your calendars for the release of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” and get ready to dive into an underwater adventure like no other. With the return of seven stars and a storyline that promises to be just as epic as its predecessor, this sequel is shaping up to be one that fans won’t want to miss.