The Prince of Wales Currently Not Considering Learning Welsh or Holding Investiture: Reports

In recent news, it has been reported that the Prince of Wales, Prince William, has “no current plans” to learn Welsh or have an investiture ceremony. Instead, he will focus on making frequent visits to Wales and supporting community initiatives. This decision has raised some eyebrows, considering that the previous Prince of Wales, his father Charles, spent nine weeks learning the Welsh language and history before his investiture.

Some may argue that William’s refusal to learn Welsh or have an investiture ceremony is due to his one-sided feud with his younger brother, Prince Harry. It seems that William is more concerned with outdoing and competing with Harry, rather than embracing his actual role as the Prince of Wales.

Despite claims that William’s workload has doubled, his schedule doesn’t reflect this. He rarely travels, attends minimal royal events, and keeps his schedule low-key to avoid potential protests. It appears that William prefers to maintain a carefully curated image of being the most important and keenest member of the royal family, rather than actually putting in the work.

One positive aspect of William’s role as the Prince of Wales is his focus on the Duchy of Cornwall. He has inherited this 135,000-acre estate, which generates a substantial annual income for his family. William has expressed his desire to continue his father’s work but in his own way, using lessons from his various initiatives, such as the Earthshot Prize and mental health advocacy, to support tenants and landowners.

It’s important to note that, despite some missteps, the Waleses have managed to maintain a healthy work-life balance. They are known for being “laser focused” and having a clear vision for their working lives. They edit their own speeches and are known to ask their aides numerous questions to ensure they are well-informed on various topics.

In conclusion, while there may be some controversy surrounding Prince William’s decision not to learn Welsh or have an investiture ceremony, it appears that his main focus is on competing with his brother rather than embracing his royal duties. However, he does seem committed to making a positive impact through his work with the Duchy of Cornwall. Only time will tell how William’s approach to his role as the Prince of Wales will evolve in the future.