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How much money did Jason Kelce reveal he paid for his daughters to attend the Super Bowl?

In a recent documentary called “Kelce,” Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce revealed just how much it cost for his daughters to attend the Super Bowl. The documentary gives fans an inside look at Jason’s life on and off the field during the 2022-2023 season.

According to Jason and his wife Kylie, getting tickets for their daughters to see their dad play in the Super Bowl was no cheap feat. “Alright, I’m doing the maximum amount of tickets that you can purchase, because that’s the amount we were counting for,” said Kylie. However, she soon realized that it would cost them over $50,000 for the tickets alone.

“It’s a lot of money,” responded Jason. To put things into perspective, they were paying almost $4,000 for a child who wouldn’t even be sitting in a seat to watch her dad play. Kylie jokingly added, “That’s bananas.”

During the documentary, the couple also shared a funny story about their first date. Believe it or not, Jason and Kylie met on Tinder. Kylie admitted that she didn’t even know Jason was a football player when they matched. “None of his pictures showed Eagles football,” she said. However, they decided to meet up for drinks.

Jason recalled how he was immediately smitten with Kylie when she walked in the door. “The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” he described. It was love at first sight. But the date took a turn when Jason unexpectedly fell asleep at the bar just 45 minutes later. “Not the best first impression for me,” he admitted.

Despite the awkward start, Jason called Kylie the next day to ask for another chance. They went on a second date, and as Kylie puts it, Jason “did much better” the second time around. They eventually got married in 2018 and now have three daughters together.

In the end, Jason’s dedication to his daughters and his love story with Kylie are heartwarming. Even though it cost a significant amount of money for them to attend the Super Bowl, the joy and support they feel as a family make it all worth it.