Which pop star gets unmasked in The Masked Singer Kickoff Special Shocker?

The Masked Singer’s tenth season got off to an unexpected start with a kickoff special that introduced and unmasked a surprise superstar. Despite not being an official part of Season 10, this special episode brought in a new masked celebrity who performed, offered clues, and was unmasked at the end of the night.

The rest of the night was filled with a look back at the show’s previous nine seasons, featuring some of the top performances and reunion performances from past favorites. However, many fans were left puzzled by the selection of returning performers, as they were all from the first three seasons, while the Top 5 performances were from the first four seasons. It seemed like the show had lost its way a bit when it came to its format.

The new format of the show brings in more masks but allows them to perform fewer times. While it may make it easier for viewers to guess the identities of the contestants, it takes away the emotional connection that comes with following their journey throughout the season. The nostalgia of looking back at a simpler era of The Masked Singer, with fewer contestants and more heart, was a highlight of the kickoff special.

Among the performances ranked in the Top 5 all-time, T-Pain’s rendition of “Stay with Me” as the Monster in Season 1 was deemed the best. It was a powerful moment that showcased the strength of his voice and touched audiences. However, it was disappointing that the special only included moments from the first four seasons, disregarding the later seasons that have contributed to the show’s success.

The reunion performances featured unexpected pairings, such as Michelle Williams and Rumer Willis performing Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” The duet showcased the vocal talents of both performers and created a special moment. Other pairings included Victor Oladipo and Barry Zito, as well as Bow Wow and Joey Fatone, delivering unique performances that added to the madness of the show.

Nicole Scherzinger, one of the show’s panelists, also had a chance to showcase her beautiful voice with a performance of “Purple Rain” by Prince. It was a reminder of her talent and a look back at the show’s nine winners.

The highlight of the kickoff special was the introduction of Anonymouse, who kicked off the new season with a powerful performance of Heart’s “What About Love.” With incredible stage presence and showmanship, it was evident that this masked celebrity was a professional singer.

Although the kickoff special did not officially mark the start of Season 10, it still brought excitement and surprises to fans of The Masked Singer. While there were some formatting inconsistencies and missed opportunities, the nostalgia and the introduction of Anonymouse made for an entertaining event. As the show continues, fans can look forward to more masked celebrities, performances, and unmaskings, keeping them hooked until the end.