Baby Reindeer: Martha calls Netflix series fiction, denies stalking in cheeky style!

Netflix's Baby Reindeer has caused a stir as the real-life Martha, who inspired the show, vehemently denies stalking allegations. Drama ensues as tensions rise and legal action looms. #BabyReindeer #NetflixDrama

So, here’s the tea. The real-life Martha of Netflix’s Baby Reindeer has come out swinging, calling the series pure fiction while vehemently denying the stalking allegations made against her. Ouch! Shots fired.

Based on Richard Gadd’s autobiographical one-man show of the same name, Netflix’s Baby Reindeer delves into Gadd’s real-life ordeal of being stalked by a woman named Martha. The series has garnered massive attention since its release last month, but the real Martha has spoken out, labeling her portrayal in the show as “obscene” and “defamatory.” Yikes!

Despite Gadd’s request for fans not to attempt to uncover the real identities behind the characters, it didn’t take long for investigative minds to uncover the alleged stalker’s true identity – Scottish lawyer Fiona Harvey. In a recent interview with none other than Piers Morgan, the real-life Martha isn’t holding back, dismissing Baby Reindeer as a mere work of “hyperbole” and “fiction,” even hinting at possible legal action against Netflix. Drama, drama, drama!

Netflix, however, stands by its claim that Baby Reindeer is a “true story” and insists that every effort was made to shield the real-life identities of those involved. Yet, despite these precautions, Fiona claims to have been bombarded with death threats and unsettling calls from strangers. She describes the situation as “obscene, horrifying, misogynistic,” revealing the dark side of sudden fame that has fallen upon her. Not cool, folks!

Rumors have circulated that Fiona bombarded Richard Gadd with over 41,000 emails and a hundred letters during her alleged stalking phase, but she vehemently denies these accusations. “I didn’t write him those emails,” she insists, suggesting that Gadd might have fabricated them himself. She does admit to sending him a few “jokey banter emails” but stands firm on only having seen him “five or six times” in total. She even confesses to giving Gadd the nickname “baby reindeer,” turning it into an ongoing joke after he shaved his head. Well, that’s certainly a turn of events!

Fiona goes on to claim that Gadd is “completely off his head” and accuses both him and Netflix of deception. “He is lying and they [Netflix] are lying,” Fiona boldly asserts. “They have billed it as a true story, so has he, and it’s not. It’s blatantly not. Leave me alone, please.” She even admits that she has yet to watch Baby Reindeer for herself, adding an extra layer of spice to this already sizzling drama.

It seems like the real-life Martha isn’t happy with her on-screen portrayal and is ready to set the record straight, denying the stalking allegations and slamming the series as pure fiction. With tensions running high and legal threats looming, the saga of Baby Reindeer takes another unexpected turn. The plot thickens, folks!

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