New Mokster Sales Co. at Cannes: Ex-Agent Brings Talent (and Drama)!

Introducing Mokster Films, a new investment and sales company for Asian content, led by Nelson Mok and Ricky Ow. Get ready for a cinematic journey!

Fancy meeting you here at the Cannes Market, where former Endeavor Content and WME Independent executive Nelson Mok and Asian TV veteran Ricky Ow have teamed up to launch Mokster Films. They’re calling it an investment and sales company for content produced in Asia. Sounds pretty snazzy, right?

This company is set to dive into all things rights sales, film development, and film financing. Their focus? Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This ain’t your average movie production company, folks. Mokster Films is also keeping their ties with WME Independent strong by continuing to partner on a slate of current titles.
They’ve got some exciting projects up their sleeve, ready to be unveiled at the Cannes Market next week. Think projects in development and casting stages from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. It’s like a cinematic world tour, but all in one place!

“Nelson is a leading exec in the Southeast Asian region with a great eye for material,” said WME Independent co-head Alex Walton. Talk about high praise! “We have had real success working with Nelson over the past few years and we look forward to continuing the work in this new capacity.”

Mokster Films sure sounds like a powerhouse, doesn’t it? Nelson Mok made the jump from Endeavor Content to WME Independent in 2021 and hasn’t looked back. He’s handled a diverse range of films from Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, including some real gems like “The Bridge Curse” franchise, “Backstage,” “Dominion of Darkness,” and “How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies” – a real crowd-pleaser in Thailand. The guy’s on fire, and we’re excited to see what’s next!

And let’s not forget about Ricky Ow, the man, the myth, the legend. He’s been in the Asian television game for years, with gigs at WarnerMedia, Turner, and Sony Pictures under his belt. Now, he’s not only advising at Mokster Films but also joining the board of directors at Asian streaming platform Viddsee. The man is everywhere, and we love to see it.

“Our passion is to present the rich diversity and creativity of Asian cinema to a global audience, fostering collaborations that fuel innovative storytelling and distinct filmmaking styles,” said Mok in a statement. And with Mokster Films leading the charge, it looks like we’re in for a wild ride of cinematic wonder. So buckle up, folks, because the future of Asian cinema is here!

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