Olga Kurylenko’s comeback as Taskmaster teased in fresh ‘Thunderbolts’ snap!

Exciting news for Marvel fans! Taskmaster is returning to the MCU in Thunderbolts. Olga Kurylenko teases her comeback with behind-the-scenes photo, hinting at a possible reunion of familiar faces. Find out more about the growing cast and release date here.

Hey Marvel fans! So, get this – Taskmaster is making a comeback in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Olga Kurylenko recently dropped a behind-the-scenes photo teasing her return in Thunderbolts.

Now, let’s be real, Taskmaster wasn’t exactly a fan favorite villain in the MCU. But hey, everyone deserves a second chance, right? After some initial concept art, it seemed like Taskmaster had disappeared into the shadows. However, fear not, Olga Kurylenko is here to remind us that Taskmaster is still kickin’ it!

The Thunderbolts Cast Keeps Growing

Despite some casting changes and controversies, Thunderbolts continues to beef up its roster. Rumor has it that Rachel Weisz, another Black Widow alum, will be joining Olga Kurylenko as Taskmaster. And let’s not forget about Laurence Fishbourne, who is rumored to reprise his role as Bill Foster in the film.

So, even though we lost Ayo Edebiri along the way, Geraldine Viswanathan has stepped in to play the assistant to Julia Louis Dreyfus’ Val, who is also making a return in Thunderbolts. It’s like a reunion of the best and worst of the MCU!

Mark your calendars for May 2, 2025, because that’s when Thunderbolts is set to hit theaters. Who knows what twists and turns await us in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Stay tuned for more updates!

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