J. Cole thriving while Drake and Kendrick memes take over internet!

J. Cole is enjoying life at the beach while Drake and Kendrick Lamar feud. The internet is buzzing with memes about his chill demeanor.

So, apparently, J. Cole is out here living his best life while Drake and Kendrick Lamar are out here throwing shade at each other. Complex spilled the tea about how the 39-year-old rapper was spotted chilling by the beach, looking unbothered as ever. And let me tell you, the internet is all over it, dissecting every meme about his chill demeanor amidst the rap beef drama.

Listen, a fan managed to snag a pic with Jermaine as he sat on the grass, surrounded by sand, with his trusty laptop and headphones. This girl, Lale, shared the snap on TikTok, claiming she randomly bumped into him at the beach on May 7, 2024. Talk about being at the right place at the right time, huh?

Now, this beach rendezvous happened right after Drake dropped his latest diss track at Kendrick Lamar’s throat titled ‘The Heart Part 6.’ And as if that wasn’t enough drama, a security guard got shot outside Drake’s house in Toronto the day before. It’s like a soap opera, I swear.

And here’s the kicker – social media couldn’t get enough of J. Cole just vibing at the beach while his buddies are warbling about who-knows-what. The memes are pure gold, depicting him living his best life while Drake and Kendrick are ready to throw hands over a mic.

Just take a look at these tweets for proof:

– Jovany tweeted, “The memes are true! #jcole”
– juju said, “drake: you beat on ur wife, kendrick: you touch kids, j cole:” followed by a meme pic.
– SOUND shared, “Everybody said J. Cole was chilling in paradise, and they weren’t wrong ” with a meme image.
– Avery tweeted, “Drake: lmao you short, Kendrick: you a pedophile, people like you should fu**ing die, J Cole:” along with a meme pic.
– PaulBall_ posted, “Memes about J.Cole too accurate ” with a meme image.
– Lucid added, “J Cole really was on the beach enjoying life while they were ripping each other apart ”
– Ariel Lopez shared, “J Cole said he’d rather be on a beach than in the studio and I’m not mad at that”

It’s like J. Cole dipped out of the rap battle early, but the crowd is now chanting his name in admiration for being a smart cookie. Remember when he dropped the mic with his song ‘7 Minute Drill’ and then swiftly apologized during a show at Dreamville Fest? Yeah, that was a whole rollercoaster.

The man asked the crowd if they thought Kendrick Lamar was a legend and then went on to express how the beef made him feel like it was 10 years ago. He even removed ‘7 Minute Drill’ from streaming services to make amends. That’s some serious grown-up move right there.

So, while Drake and Kendrick are going back and forth like a tennis match, J. Cole be living his best life, probably somewhere sunny with a laptop and a cool breeze. Who needs beef when you can have a sandy beach, am I right? Cole, you do you, boo. Enjoy that sunshine and those peaceful vibes while the rest of them turn the mic into a battlefield.

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