“SNL Mocks Trump’s Mental Competency and Misinterprets ‘De-bank’ Term: A Critique on the Decline of the Show’s Political Coverage”

In a recent segment, SNL mocked Trump's mental competency and made up an attack on him. However, they failed to fact-check and ended up embarrassing themselves. Find out more about their lazy approach and their selective targeting in this controversial episode.

SNL, the beloved comedy institution, has always had an abundance of material when it comes to mocking Trump. After all, he’s larger than life, plays fast and loose with the facts, and has no qualms about saying the meanest things about his opponents. It’s like catnip for any satirist worth their salt.

But apparently, that’s not enough for SNL. They decided to make up an attack on Trump out of thin air, and it’s just embarrassing.

In their Weekend Update segment, SNL repeatedly hammered Trump for his mental competency, a topic that has been a subject of discussion recently, particularly after Nikki Haley’s criticism of him for having “senior moments.” Now, that’s a fair attack, both from a political rival and a comedy show.

But SNL took it a step further and decided to mock Trump for using the phrase “de-bank.” They even edited a clip to make it seem like he used the term multiple times. Now, I don’t know what the hell “de-bank” means either, but according to Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost, it’s “an interesting new term” and Trump might have to take “de-ambulance” to “de-doctor.” Sounds hilarious, right?

Well, here’s the thing. If you enter “de-bank” into Google, the result at the top of the page explains exactly what it means. It’s a term used in the banking industry to refer to the closure of people’s or organizations’ bank accounts due to perceived financial, legal, regulatory, or reputational risks. It’s also been criticized for potentially infringing on freedom of speech. So, Trump didn’t make up the term, and he didn’t use it incorrectly either.

But apparently, SNL’s writers couldn’t be bothered to do a simple Google search on the phrase. It’s either embarrassing or just plain lazy, or maybe both.

What makes this anti-Trump segment even more awkward is the fact that President Joe Biden has had his fair share of verbal blunders. In the past week alone, he stumbled over his words not once, but twice, in a way that is impossible to ignore.

Yet, SNL completely ignored these moments. They didn’t even mention Biden during the Weekend Update segment. Instead, they took the “Age Card” and used a manufactured gaffe to mock Trump. It’s just another example of SNL’s decline, and it’s not just limited to their political coverage.

In fact, even their recent “cold open” about the NFL playoffs was so bad that it received backlash from both the far-left and the mainstream media. It seems like SNL is running out of creative ideas and losing touch with their audience.

Speaking of the mainstream media, they’re not doing much better either. With major layoffs happening across the journalism landscape, you would think they would cover SNL’s gaffe more critically. But no, outlets like Mediaite are still giving it a pass and even celebrating it as a hilarious moment.

All of this just goes to show that maybe it’s time to call it a wrap for both SNL and the mainstream media. They’re clearly out of touch and struggling to stay relevant.

But hey, at least they provided us with some comedic material to laugh at, even if it wasn’t intentional. So, thanks SNL for the unintentional comedy gold.

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