Can you verify 2 separate documents at once using your phone?

Learn how to verify documents located in different cities using just one device with a built-in camera. We explore a scenario with a self-car-rental app and provide a solution using remote camera access. Follow our step-by-step guide for successful document verification.

Document verification is a crucial step in many online platforms and applications. It ensures the security and authenticity of users’ identities, protecting both the platform and its users. However, there are situations where verifying documents becomes challenging, such as when the required documents are in different locations. In this article, we will explore a niche scenario where we need to verify two documents, each located in different cities, using only a single device with a built-in phone camera.

This specific scenario revolves around a self-car-rental app called **X**, which requires users to provide a photo of their driving license during the sign-up process. The app utilizes this document to verify the identity of the user. However, there is a catch – the app only accepts a physical copy of the license, and the only way to upload the document is by taking a photo of it using the device’s built-in camera.

The problem arises when the user’s driving license is in the possession of their family, who live in another city. It becomes impossible to ask them to download the **X** app and perform the verification on the user’s behalf, as the user also needs to upload their National ID, which is in their possession.

While this may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, there could be a potential workaround or software solution to overcome this issue. One possible solution is to utilize the concept of remote camera access, similar to iOS’s continuity camera feature.

**Remote Camera Access:**

Remote camera access allows users to access and control the camera of another device remotely. This feature enables users to capture photos and videos using a different device’s camera as if they were physically present. While this functionality is not natively available on all devices, there are third-party apps and software that offer similar capabilities.

To verify both documents from one device using a phone camera, follow these steps:

1. **Research and Select Appropriate Software:** Begin by researching and selecting a reliable app or software that provides remote camera access. Look for applications compatible with both your device’s operating system and the remote device, which possesses the driving license.

2. **Install and Set Up the Software:** Download and install the chosen software on both devices – your device and the remote device with the driving license. Follow the provided instructions to set up the software on both devices, ensuring they are properly connected.

3. **Initiate Remote Camera Access:** Open the app or software on your device and navigate to the remote camera access feature. Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the connection and pair your device with the remote device possessing the driving license.

4. **Access Remote Device’s Camera:** Once the connection is established, you should be able to see a live feed from the remote device’s camera on your own device. Position the remote device in a way that allows you to frame and capture a clear photo of the driving license.

5. **Capture Photo and Verify Document:** Utilizing the remote camera access function, capture a photo of the driving license securely and verify that it meets the **X** app’s requirements. Ensure the photo is clear, includes all necessary details, and is of suitable quality for document verification purposes.

6. **Repeat the Process:** Now, focus on the National ID document in your possession. Follow the same steps, utilizing the remote camera access feature to capture a photo of your National ID. Verify that this photo also meets the **X** app’s requirements.

By utilizing an app or software that allows remote camera access, users can overcome the challenge of verifying documents located in different cities. This solution enables individuals to capture and upload photos of their driving license and National ID from a single device, even when the physical documents are not readily accessible.


Here are some frequently asked questions related to document verification using a single device’s phone camera for documents located in different cities:

1. **Are there any specific apps or software recommended for remote camera access?**
– While several apps and software offer remote camera access, some popular options include TeamViewer, AirDroid, and Alfred. It is advisable to research and choose an app best suited to your specific needs and device compatibility.

2. **Is using remote camera access secure?**
– When utilizing reputable apps or software, remote camera access can be secure. However, it is essential to exercise caution and use trusted sources. Be mindful of sharing personal information during the setup and ensure the software and devices involved have adequate security measures in place.

3. **What limitations might remote camera access have?**
– Remote camera access is dependent on a stable internet connection and compatible devices. Poor network connectivity may result in lag or loss of connection during the document verification process. Additionally, certain apps or software may have limitations on the quality or resolution of photos captured remotely.

4. **Can remote camera access be used for other document verification scenarios?**
– Yes, remote camera access can be utilized in various document verification scenarios, such as online banking, employment verification, or government applications. However, it is crucial to adhere to the requirements and guidelines set by each specific platform or application.

5. **Are there any alternatives to remote camera access for document verification?**
– In situations where remote camera access is not feasible, alternative options include mailing or faxing the documents to the desired location for verification. However, these methods may introduce delays and are not as convenient as utilizing remote camera access.

In conclusion, document verification can be a challenging process when the required documents are located in different cities. However, by utilizing remote camera access through specialized apps or software, users can overcome this obstacle and capture photos of their documents using a single device’s phone camera. This innovative solution ensures that the self-car-rental app **X** can verify the user’s identity while maintaining the security and integrity of the platform.

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