Denver Zoo’s Baby Orangutan Paternity Revealed with Surprise Guest Maury Povich

Discover who the father of Denver Zoo's newest baby orangutan is, with a surprising twist. Maury Povich lends a hand in this heartwarming paternity reveal event. #DenverZoo #OrangutanConservation

Denver Zoo had a special guest help them announce the paternity of their newest baby orangutan, and it’s not who you might expect. Maury Povich, the longtime host of the popular daytime talk show “Maury,” was on hand to help reveal the father of the adorable baby ape.

The Denver Zoo staff had been eagerly awaiting the results of a paternity test to determine which male orangutan was the father of their newest addition. To add a touch of humor and excitement to the announcement, they reached out to Povich to help them with the big reveal.

In a fun and lighthearted event at the zoo, Povich took the stage and declared, “You are the father!” – a phrase he is well-known for saying on his show when revealing the results of DNA tests.

The father of the baby orangutan turned out to be 20-year-old Berani, one of the zoo’s resident male orangutans. The mother, 32-year-old Nias, gave birth to the baby back in September, and the zoo staff had been eagerly awaiting the test results to confirm the father’s identity.

Orangutans are critically endangered in the wild, and the breeding program at the Denver Zoo is an important part of conservation efforts for the species. The birth of a new baby orangutan is cause for celebration, and the paternity reveal added a fun and unexpected twist to the announcement.

Maury Povich’s involvement in the event added a unique and entertaining element to the occasion, and the zoo staff were thrilled to have his help in sharing the exciting news with visitors and the public.

The Denver Zoo’s baby orangutan is already a beloved and cherished addition to the zoo’s animal family, and now that the paternity has been confirmed, the proud father, Berani, can officially celebrate his new role in the orangutan family tree.

With Maury Povich’s signature catchphrase and the adorable baby orangutan stealing the show, the paternity reveal was a memorable and heartwarming event that brought attention to the important conservation work being done at the Denver Zoo.

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