Glen Powell teams up with ‘Scream Queens’ creator Ryan Murphy for new project!

Glen Powell spills the beans about teaming up with Ryan Murphy once again for an exciting new musical project on Broadway. Details ahead!

Glen Powell has some exciting news – he’s teaming up with the one and only Ryan Murphy once again!

The 35-year-old actor recently spilled the beans about reuniting with the renowned writer, director, and producer. Their first collaboration was on the beloved series Scream Queens, which sadly came to an end in 2016.

During a fresh interview to promote his latest rom-com Anyone But You, Glen dropped the bombshell that he and Ryan will be embarking on a new project. But hold the phone – it’s not for another TV show or a movie.

Prepare for the exciting details ahead…

Ryan Murphy and I, we’re actually making a musical together,” he coyly revealed to Vogue when asked about their upcoming collaboration. “We don’t really have any plans to be back in the television world together, but we’ll be on Broadway together.”

The interview followed up with, “It’s not for a musical version of Scream Queens, is it?”

The Chad Radwell Musical. Now that’s a hilarious idea. Just the Dickie Dollar Scholars,” Glen chuckled. “The number of people that come up to me about Scream Queens is mind-boggling, probably more than anything else I’ve done. Maybe it ages like a fine wine.”

But wait, there’s more! In the same interview, Glen also confessed his desire to “write something with Edgar Wright, Bradley Cooper, and Ben Stiller.” That’s quite the dream team, Glen!

It’s been over a year since fans were convinced that Scream Queens was making a triumphant comeback…

And as if that’s not enough, Glen has also let slip that there’s a co-star he’d love to be reunited with on screen.


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