Jessa Duggar’s bun in the oven will be ready by …

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Jessa Duggar is about to pop! The former reality star and current baby-making machine revealed on Friday, December 8 that she’s mere days away from giving birth to her fifth bundle of joy. That’s right, folks, she’s due on December 22, so it’s safe to say that she and her husband, Ben Seewald, are officially on baby watch.

Fans were surprised back in September when Jessa and Ben announced that they were expecting yet again, especially after suffering the heartbreaking loss of their previous baby. But as Jessa explained in a recent child-themed Q&A on Instagram, this pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle.

“After our loss last year, we sort of thought we might take a break and not get pregnant for a while, but lo and behold, our surprise baby was on the way,” Jessa shared with her followers. “It’s crazy the way things worked out. We found out in April maybe. We couldn’t have planned the timing this way if we tried.”

And here’s the truly mind-blowing part: the day they found out they had lost their previous baby was December 22, the exact same due date as their current pregnancy. Talk about a twist of fate!

Jessa and Ben have been open about their miscarriage, sharing their pain and healing process with their fans. In a February YouTube video titled “Heartbreak Over the Holidays,” Jessa detailed the heart-wrenching moment when she and Ben learned about their baby’s death during an ultrasound.

“Nothing could have prepared me for the weight of those words,” Jessa said back then. “I had really allowed myself to become so hopeful because the spotting had stopped. At that moment, I was just in complete shock. I didn’t even have words. I just immediately started crying… Ben was there, and he put his arms around me.”

But now, as they anticipate the arrival of their rainbow baby, Jessa is feeling hopeful and excited for what’s to come. She believes that their new addition will bring healing after their loss, just as their daughter Fern did when she was born.

“I know that those tears you cry whenever a rainbow baby is delivered is just, it’s different,” she said. “Like, every birth is special and every birth is sweet and a miracle, and a new life is just so exciting, but there’s just something extra special about those rainbow babies.”

In addition to Fern and the forthcoming bundle of joy, Jessa and Ben share son Spurgeon, 8, son Henry, 6, and daughter Ivy, 4. It’s safe to say that their household is about to get a whole lot louder and a whole lot crazier with a new baby on the way!

So, as we wait for the big day to arrive, let’s keep Jessa and Ben in our thoughts and prayers. Here’s to a safe and smooth delivery and to welcoming their new addition to the ever-growing Duggar-Seewald clan! Congratulations, Jessa and Ben!

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