Amy Dowden ensures fans she’s ready to dance despite blood clot.

If you’re a fan of the hit BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, you probably know Amy Dowden as the talented and bubbly dancer who has graced our screens since 2017. However, last week, the 33-year-old star faced a health scare when she was rushed to the hospital for a blood clot in her lungs. Naturally, fans were worried about her well-being and whether she would be able to continue competing on the show. But fear not, Amy has reassured everyone that she’s doing well and is determined to keep dancing!

In a personal message shared on her Instagram stories, Amy expressed her gratitude for all the supportive messages and well-wishes she received from fans. She acknowledged the concern and reassured everyone that being back on the Strictly set was just what the doctor ordered – figuratively speaking, of course.

“Thank you so much for the lovely messages I’ve received in the last few days. I’ve had ones like: ‘Amy don’t push yourself.’ But honestly, being at Strictly yesterday, with the week I’ve had, was just what I needed, mentally more than anything,” she said.

It’s heartwarming to hear that Amy is in good spirits and finding joy in the midst of a challenging time. She also shared a glimpse of her experience, revealing that getting pampered with hair and makeup on the set was the perfect pick-me-up after a tough week.

“Obviously, a rubbish start to the week rushing to the hospital, a few nights in the hospital. But going into Strictly is the tonic I need. You know, going in, getting my hair and makeup done, having my wig done, and putting on another glamorous outfit. Being pampered and standing here watching my best friends, being here for the big moment. It’s just what I need right now,” she added.

It’s clear that Amy is focusing on the positives and finding joy in the little things, which is truly inspiring. Despite her recent health scare, she’s determined to keep pushing forward and making the most of her time on the show.

Reflecting on her journey so far, Amy candidly admitted that she’s been really careful since breaking her foot, and has been resting up and indulging in lots of Christmas movies. After all, there’s nothing like a good holiday film to lift your spirits, right?

“Obviously, in the three weeks since finishing chemo. It was a bit delusional of me to think ‘Right, let’s go.’ I wanted to do hair and makeup since April May. And I wanted to dance on Strictly, as that was the plan,” she shared.

It’s clear that Amy has been through a lot, and yet she remains hopeful and determined. She also reflected on the setbacks she faced, including breaking her foot and now dealing with a blood clot on her lung. But through it all, she’s finding strength and courage to keep pushing forward.

Meanwhile, Amy revealed that she’s having her living room renovated, and she’s glad it will look different, as it currently reminds her of memories of the past eight months.

In a quirky and humorous Instagram post, Amy shared her gratitude for the outpouring of love and support from fans, and also poked fun at her current renovation plans.

As fans and well-wishers, it’s important to continue supporting Amy as she navigates this challenging time. After all, her resilience and positive outlook are truly inspiring, and her passion for dance and the joy it brings to her life is something we can all learn from.

So, let’s join Amy in celebrating the joy of dancing and continue cheering her on as she graces the Strictly stage with her talent and infectious energy. Here’s to Amy Dowden – a true inspiration to us all! And remember, no matter what challenges life throws our way, we can always find the strength and determination to keep dancing.

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