His name was Lucian

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Amidst the Glittering City

Carla and Sandra, two inseparable friends in their twenties, find themselves immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of one of the city’s most exclusive restaurants. As they savor their delectable meal, Carla catches the lingering gaze of a captivating stranger, his eyes drawn to her with an undeniable intensity.

An Unexpected Invitation

Unbeknownst to Carla and Sandra, this enigmatic stranger, known as Lucian, is no ordinary patron. Accompanied by his entourage, he exudes an aura of power and charm that leaves an indelible impression. With a captivating smile, Lucian approaches their table, extending a tantalizing invitation to join him at his private residence for an exclusive midnight party.

A World of Enchantment and Danger

Intrigued by Lucian’s alluring proposition and the allure of an unconventional adventure, Carla and Sandra accept his invitation, unaware that they are about to embark on a journey into a realm where fantasy and reality intertwine. Little do they know that Lucian’s world is shrouded in secrets, where darkness lurks beneath the surface of his captivating persona.

A Battle for Survival and Self-Discovery

Entangled in Lucian’s world of extravagance and mystery, Carla and Sandra’s lives take an unexpected turn. As they delve deeper into this enigmatic realm, they find themselves grappling with the allure of forbidden love, the complexities of human relationships, and the hidden depths of their own inner strength.

A Love Story Amidst Darkness

Carla finds herself drawn to Lucian’s enigmatic charm, his aura of power and mystery. However, as she delves deeper into his world, she uncovers a darkness that threatens to consume them both. Caught between the allure of love and the chilling reality of Lucian’s true nature, Carla must confront her own inner demons and fight for her survival.

A Journey into the Unknown

“His Name Was Lucian” invites readers on a captivating journey into a world where love and danger intersect, where choices have irreversible consequences, and where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. This enthralling tale will keep you spellbound, leaving you questioning the boundaries of reality and the depths of the human heart.

A Must-Read for Lovers of Fantasy, Thriller, and Forbidden Love

If you’re captivated by the allure of forbidden love, enchanted by fantasy worlds, and enthralled by psychological thrillers, then “His Name Was Lucian” is the perfect read for you. Ebark on an unforgettable adventure where love, danger, and self-discovery collide.

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