“Don’t Get On The Bus”: a Nightmare Thriller

On this particular December 24th, Jane emerged from her office, exhausted after a long day she had worked against her will. The industrial area around her was deserted and blanketed in a thick layer of snow.

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Jane headed to her usual bus stop, but the bus seemed to be in no hurry to arrive. She shivered in the cold as she waited.

When the bus finally came, it looked quite peculiar. The windows were dark, and there was no sign of a driver. Jane hesitated for a moment, but she was so tired that she decided to get on anyway.

As she stepped onto the bus, she noticed that the interior was empty. There were no passengers, and the lights were flickering ominously. Jane felt a chill run down her spine.

Suddenly, the bus doors slammed shut, and the bus lurched forward. Jane tried to open the doors, but they were locked. She was trapped.

The bus began to drive through the deserted streets, and Jane felt a growing sense of dread. She didn’t know where she was going, and she didn’t know what was going to happen to her.

As the bus rattled along, Jane noticed that the windows were slowly becoming opaque. She couldn’t see out anymore, and she felt a sense of panic rising inside her.

Then, she heard a noise behind her. She turned around slowly, and her heart skipped a beat.

There was a figure standing in the back of the bus, shrouded in darkness. Jane couldn’t make out any details, but she could tell that the figure was staring at her.

Jane screamed, but her voice was swallowed up by the silence of the bus. The figure moved closer, and Jane could feel its breath on her neck.

She tried to run, but her legs were frozen in place. The figure was closing in on her, and Jane could feel its cold hands on her skin.

Jane closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable.

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